5 Tips for Writing Click-Worthy Headlines

A post’s headline determines whether someone decides to click. That makes it even more vital than the call-to-action – after all, nobody can take the action you want if they’re not reading in the first place! Revising, refining, and testing headlines can lead to more effective content marketing.

Choosing Between Blog Platforms

It’s impossible to know exactly how many blogs there are, but estimates have put the figure around 152 million. Although more blogs are created every day, many will be abandoned. There’s always room for a business to generate more leads with an effective blog! Let’s look at some of the most popular blog platforms...

Common Blog Formatting Mistakes

A blog is an indispensable part of your company’s public image. It helps you strengthen your brand, connect with prospects, and demonstrate your unique value. A successful blog is an immense asset in both B2B and B2C industries. Still, even with a clear brand and strong product portfolio, many mistakes can sink a blog.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn has always been a great place to connect with colleagues and build your professional brand. Up until recently, however, there wasn’t much to recommend it as a publishing platform. Before 2015, most publishing functions were limited to a select group of “influencers.” All that has changed with the advent of LinkedIn Pulse. Pulse provides you with full-featured publishing with access to LinkedIn’s fast-growing base of around