Pinterest Marketing 101

44% of women online in the United States use Pinterest, a visually-oriented social site launched back in 2010. With over 47 million users, it’s an intriguing predictor of shopping behavior: Women tend to use it as a wishlist, while men see it as more of a shopping cart, a study found. If connecting with millions of purchase-ready users sounds enticing, you’re not alone!

Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

The world of digital marketing is intricate, and it’s not always easy to keep up with the jargon if you’re not in the industry. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by modern marketing and internet terms, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Here are some basic digital marketing terms you should know when looking to boost your brand’s online presence.

Getting Started on Your First Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for any business – whether you’re an e-commerce firm, local company, or even a global enterprise. Many businesses fail to make email marketing part of their efforts, or develop a plan but never follow through. The thing to remember is this: Email connects you with your most motivated prospects and customers.

An Introduction to Business Development

Business development is a vital part of building revenue, strengthening customer relationships, and recognizing the customers or enterprises that can benefit most from what you have to offer. But ask a hundred people “what is business development?” and you’re likely to get 99 answers.

How Marketing Has Changed Over The Years

With the year coming to an end, it’s a good time to look back at the history of marketing. E-commerce is a few decades old, but marketing has been adapting to society's needs for centuries.

How Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Work Together

Social media marketing and search engine marketing are powerful ways to reach your target market. Although many businesses lean toward one approach or the other, they are most effective when used together. Before you can use them synergistically, however, you have to understand what each is capable of. Let’s take a quick look.

Don’t Forget About Google Plus! – Why Your Company Needs A Google+ Page

Does your business have a page on Google+? Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Google+ might seem like the “dark horse” of social media. About 300 million people actively used Google+ in 2013, compared to 1.19 billion on Facebook in the same period. Only about 13% of small businesses surveyed use it, compared to 41% on Facebook. This presents an opportunity for your company to gain a competitive advantage, and reap the many benefits

6 Reasons Why Your B2B Business Needs a LinkedIn Presence

When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is absolutely vital to your online marketing strategy. According to recent data, it’s estimated that around 80 percent of all social media B2B leads are generated via LinkedIn. That statistic alone should be enough to make you seriously consider using LinkedIn, but if you're still on the fence, then consider these six benefits.