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11 Tips for Building a B2B Audience on Twitter

When it comes to building a B2B audience on social media, it's important to incorporate multiple platforms into your strategy. Here's how to build a qualified audience on Twitter.

Getting Started With Twitter Ads

One of the biggest Twitter mysteries is: What’s the best way for businesses to use it? Recently, Twitter has worked to make advertising more robust and simpler, so any enterprise can benefit from trying it.

Tweeting During An Industry Event

Let’s face it: One of the most valuable parts of any industry event is networking. And it’s hard to network if nobody knows you’re there! By taking a proactive approach to social media, you can raise your profile at any industry event while making important contributions to the professional conversation. Live tweeting is an effective way to accomplish this.

How To Build a Twitter Community

Over the last decade, Twitter has been part of some of the most important events around the world – and it should be part of your business. Twitter consistently ranks as second-largest social media network worldwide. It can help you cultivate your customers into highly engaged brand advocates ... if you use it wisely!

The Demographics of Social Media Platforms

In the U.S., social media is widely used – 65% of adults use it, a rise of 7% since 2005. Young people are even more active: 95% of teens aged 12-17 are online, and 81% of teens use social media. These trends may well mean Web users of all ages will participate in social media throughout their lives.

Periscope for Business

So, your business has seen lots of success on Twitter. Now what? Time to try Periscope.

New Year’s Social Media Resolutions

If you're disappointed with your social media results so far and you feel like there's something you're missing, then it's time for a fresh start. Let’s look at some New Year’s social media resolutions that can make a real difference. Take these five simple steps and your social media can start working harder for you in 2016!

An Overview of Twitter Analytics

In Twitter's Analytics Tool, you’ll find information about your followers, their engagements, shares, likes, and click-thru information. Let’s take a closer look at some of what you’ll find.

Optimizing Twitter for SEO Benefits

As an online marketer or business owner working on creating and establishing an online presence, your website, information, and ultimately sales rely on your ability to be found online. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the method you need to employ to make that happen. One major social media avenue that many businesses utilize effectively, but was not indexed for search, is Twitter.