video marketing

Facebook Doubles Down on Video Advertising

As Facebook has focused more resources on video, particularly live streaming, brands have been pleasantly surprised at audience engagement – especially on videos perceived to be the most authentic and raw. With the launch of the Watch tab, the depth and scope of video content has changed forever.

Vine Marketing 101

About 200 million users view Vines every month, putting it ahead of Snapchat and behind Instagram as of late 2015. Vine is a hot, highly visible platform ... but it’s reasonable to wonder: How can businesses use just six seconds of air time?

Using Facebook Video Marketing Effectively

Despite ups and downs in the past, Facebook is here to stay: Users are up to watching more than 100 million hours of video on the ubiquitous social platform daily, or 3 billion per month. That compares favorably to YouTube, the world’s leading video platform!

Video Marketing Mistakes

Video marketing is an important trend to capitalize on, but not all video marketing efforts are created equal. Just like other campaigns, video marketing can flop – and due to the cost and effort involved, it can be a severe blow. As video marketing revs up for 2016 and beyond, it’s crucial to get behind best practices in producing and using video content.

Periscope for Business

So, your business has seen lots of success on Twitter. Now what? Time to try Periscope.