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Amplify Helps Genesis Systems Group Jump Start Lead Generation and Drive Ongoing Sales

A Wide Range of Integrated Marketing Services Come Together to Form a Unified, Strategic Business Solution

Genesis Systems Group is a recognized leader in robotic integration for factory automation. They approached Amplify with an online presence that did not reflect their position as a major player in the global robotic integration market. Genesis’ existing website was not supplying the volume of leads they desired. But they needed a marketing firm that could do more than just design a new website, they needed someone to support the development of their global sales pipeline.


At the heart of the matter, Genesis’ digital footprint wasn’t supporting their growth goals. At the time, the industrial robotics market was projected to explode over the next ten years. Genesis had the systems, the expertise and the experience to capitalize on this market growth, but the state of their online presence was keeping them from reaching their full growth potential.

Genesis needed an all-encompassing revamp of their online lead generation capabilities, not just a new website. The breadth and complexity of this project required a full-suite of integrated marketing, website design and development, and search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities, among many other things. Determining a starting point was a challenge – they needed industrial marketing guidance to find their way to an effective, ongoing solution.


Amplify aligned closely with leaders from Genesis’ executive, marketing and sales teams to develop mock personas of targeted buyers. These buyer personas outlined the needs and motivations for investing in robotic automation, and served as an individualized guide for all messaging and strategy thereafter.

A deep dive into the competitive landscape and a broad analysis of industry keyword volume and intent, like the buyer personas, served a foundational role in Amplify’s work. All of this intelligence ensured Genesis’ marketing efforts were laser-targeted and built to capture leads at all stages of the buying process.

Amplify redeveloped Genesis’ website, strategically appealing to their buyer personas’ deepest motivations for investment to encourage conversion and lead generation. All pages were optimized in search engines for high rankings on the most popular search terms their buyer personas used.

Top of funnel assets – such as a branded blog, revamped social media channels, application videos, email campaigns and paid advertising – were created to drive quality traffic at scale to boost lead generation and further enhance SEO efforts. Other content such as in-depth case studies, eBooks and remarketing campaigns were developed to engage, educate and move web visitors down the marketing funnel towards lead conversion.

Most importantly, Amplify implemented a system of measurement, attribution and reporting. This gave Amplify and Genesis the agility to respond to user behavior and market dynamics to continuously optimize lead generation efficiency.

With digital content to draw in high volumes of visitors, web pages built to facilitate conversions, measurement and reporting systems in place for agile marketing, all assets being optimized to rank well in search engines, and everything strategically built to resonate with key buyer personas, Amplify had created an all-encompassing online presence to support high-volume lead generation.


Amplify and Genesis’ close collaboration to drive quality lead generation has been highly effective. The wide range of services Amplify provided came together as an integrated solution to revamp Genesis’ digital presence.

Together, Amplify and Genesis continue to develop strategies to improve Genesis’ digital presence in terms of high volume and high-quality lead generation to support their global growth plans. As each initiative is launched, tracked and optimized, further digital investment is justified as Genesis successfully targets and converts their ideal buyer personas online.

Every step of the way, Amplify provides integrated marketing leadership for the executive, marketing and sales teams at Genesis. With each critical juncture, Genesis’ business vision and Amplify’s marketing leadership come together to make the path forward clear.

Genesis Systems Group was referred to AIMG in 2016 and they rapidly became our trusted “go-to” marketing and business development partner.

Their “deep-dive” approach to fully understanding our company, culture, challenges, and value propositions, as well as our competitive landscape, and market opportunities was a pleasure to experience and has allowed our internal team to truly partner with, and rely upon, Joe and the AIMG team in quantifiably growing quality lead generation and brand awareness.

In today’s world it is challenging to find the “right” company to deliver the results you want. AIMG is that company.

- Carol Woten, Vice President Sales and Marketing,

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