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Wixom, Michigan

Kawasaki Robotics is leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems. When they contacted Amplify, their web presence did not effectively showcase their robotic products – their robots solve specific needs in niche industries, but this was not properly communicated on their website or any other digital assets. Their decision to ramp up digital marketing efforts on their robotic products was a result of their desire to generate more leads online and sell more robots in growing industries.


Beyond the messaging surrounding robotic products, Kawasaki’s site architecture was posing usability problems. Most visitors would benefit from a specific type of Kawasaki robot – they just weren’t sure which one – and these visitors had no easy way of finding which Kawasaki robots fit their needs.

Their site was not optimized for user experience, which, in today’s world, also means it was not optimized for search engines. Kawasaki’s web presence wasn’t converting leads at the rate or the volume they desired. They needed a web development and digital marketing campaign to ramp up lead generation and robot sales.


Working closely with executive, marketing and sales leadership at Kawasaki, Amplify detailed mock personas of Kawasaki’s ideal buyers to create a foundation for all development and marketing efforts. These buyer personas ensure messaging is targeted and relevant, and all web pages are built specifically to convert potential buyers into leads.

Out of this same discovery session, it was uncovered that Kawasaki needed a robot search tool for their website. Manufacturers’ main considerations in the buying process are payload and reach capabilities in a robot. They typically knew what they needed before visiting Kawasaki’s site, but there was no easy for them to see which robots aligned with these fundamental needs.

After mapping out a hierarchical structure for website content and data collection, Amplify completed full website redesign and redevelopment work, leveraging the custom robot search feature to give users an easy way to find the robot they need. A suite of Content Management System (CMS) tools were built for Kawasaki’s internal use that would give them simple and efficient control over their own website.

Amplify and Kawasaki identified opportunities for strategic ranking in search engines together. Special attention was given to keywords with purchase-intent and keywords where competitors ranked well. Kawasaki’s received extensive search engine optimization (SEO), including on- and off-page optimization, site speed optimization, URL hierarchy and link structure building, meta data optimization, mobile responsiveness optimization and more.

Once the site was optimized for users and for search engines, an elaborate pay-per-click (PPC) campaign was launched through Google Search, Display and Remarketing networks to strategically target Kawasaki’s ideal buyers. The PPC campaign was built with the goal of driving high traffic volumes to web pages strategically built to convert visitors into leads.


In the end, Kawasaki received a fully optimized web presence that they had full control over – a web presence that ranked well in search engines and spoke to the needs and desires of potential buyers.

The design and development work on the site created major usability improvements. In fact, Kawasaki liked the design and usability so much that their headquarters in Japan decided to use an extremely similar design for their own website and for all global Kawasaki Robotics branches.

On a functional level, PPC and SEO efforts worked in tandem to drive organic and paid traffic at high volumes to Kawasaki’s site. Their web presence, now far more user-friendly, significantly increased lead generation levels and Kawasaki was successfully selling more robots in niche industries.

Amplify continues to work with Kawasaki on increasing lead generation and robot sales. All current success builds upon the foundation of website redesign and redevelopment from Amplify and Kawasaki’s initial collaboration.

The re-design of our website was the first project we worked on with AIMG back in 2014. Joe and his team are great to work with. They helped us to realize our vision while effectively balancing technology to provide a proactive solution.

Our initial challenge was how to present our broad range of robotic products on our website in a meaningful and conversion-centric way. Joe and his team developed a thorough understanding of our industry, buyer personas, and competitive landscape, and provided the guidance we were looking for to help us achieve our goals. From strategy to web development and lead generation, they offer the kind of quality and support we look for in a vendor.

- Yanik Van Coppenolle, Marketing Manager, Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

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