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RIA Transforms Marketing & Sales Funnel to Drive Membership Growth

Amplify Goes Beyond Integrated Marketing to Help RIA Realize Their Business Goals

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) is the largest trade association serving the industrial robotics industry in North America. When they contacted Amplify, some of the world’s premier robotics manufacturers were already members of RIA. The obstacles RIA faced were in breaking into emerging markets, convincing larger companies to join and advertise on their site, and communicating the value of RIA membership to system integrators, end users, consultants and affiliates, and researchers and educators. RIA wanted to become ubiquitous in the robotics industry – a global resource to educate, connect and promote the interests of the entire industry.


RIA’s web presence did not portray the true value of membership in the language of their target audience. Their digital marketing campaign didn’t quite tap into the motivations and concerns of their potential members, and because of this, they weren’t realizing the inbound lead generation they desired.

Further, their sales process needed tweaking as they weren’t closing at an effective rate. This was largely due to the fact that there was no unified sales messaging – potential members path to becoming a member was full of inconsistent messaging. The sales reps’ focus differed from the digital messaging where first contact was made, resulting in leads who were searching for a particular benefit of membership and being pitched another.

RIA needed an integrated marketing campaign to pave the way for a full sales funnel transformation to more effectively drive membership and advertising in targeted verticals.


Amplify worked closely with the leadership and sales team at RIA to develop comprehensive profiles of their targeted members across robotics verticals. These buyer personas detailed how to effectively reach these ideal members, what their deepest motivations for becoming a member would be, and what types of membership perks would benefit their business the most depending on their role in the industry.

With these several buyer personas in mind, Amplify launched an entirely new web presence for RIA with a Growth-Driven Design (GDD) approach. This laid the foundation of agile marketing tactics – their web presence was built on an ongoing basis, quickly adjusting based on attribution modeling and analytics to always promote what’s working over what’s not. In this way, RIA and Amplify could constantly tweak their messaging on the value of membership for continuous optimization based on the number of leads generated.

All pages had a focus on search engine optimization (SEO). When a new section was created to convert businesses in a specific industry vertical, RIA would rank well in search engines for the most used keywords in that vertical. This drove a much higher volume of quality traffic to these targeted pages, increasing lead generation levels.

Content marketing, paid advertising and social media management were all leveraged to drive even more traffic towards RIA’s pages stretegically created to facilitate lead conversion. Each of these digital assets was created to educate and engage potential members, not only for the purpose of bringing in a higher number of viewers, but for fleshing out the top of the marketing and sales funnel to complement the middle and bottom of the funnel that was being optimized on an ongoing basis.

In addition to integrated marketing services, Amplify also provided business consulting and support services to help RIA achieve their business goals of driving membership and advertising. Amplify has been entrenched in the robotics industry for a few decades, and offered insight into what many of these verticals need for their business to prosper. Further, Amplify worked with RIA on their sales process to increase their rate of closing on new members. This mostly involved work on the delivery of the sales pitch to ensure messaging most effectively communicated the value of RIA membership and aligned with why these leads had converted in the first place.


RIA received a full marketing and sales funnel transformation. With a new web presence built to convert quality leads at a higher volume, SEO and digital content assets to increase the amount of web traffic, a deeper understanding of potential members’ motivations for joining, and messaging that is in alignment every step of the way, RIA was generating more leads and closing more often than ever before.

RIA has grown into the largest association serving the industrial robotics industry in North America. Amplify and RIA still work together to increase membership and advertising. Marketing and sales goals continue to be quantified at higher and higher levels, and RIA is well on their way to being a ubiquitous industry resource.

As of 2020, RIA is no longer a single entity but instead is now apart of the broader association A3 – Association for Advancing Automation.

To create a best-in-class website, RIA went with first-rate support from developer AIMG... AIMG was awarded the RIA job after a rigorous and selective process including many other fine developers.

- Jeff Burnstein, President, Robotic Industries Association

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