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Sales Presentation Development

Donnelly Mechanical Sources Quality Leads with New Sales Delivery

Amplify consults with executive and sales teams to revamp sales presentations for higher quality lead generation.

Donnelly Mechanical, a leading HVAC and energy services provider in NYC, has been an Amplify client since 2013. They’re a vertically integrated HVAC provider – they provide a wide range of best-in-class services – with a team of talented, motivated and successful sales reps. In a recent initiative, they wanted to work on their sales presentations, because even though their sales reps were bringing in a high number of leads, they wanted to improve the quality of leads sourced from presentations.


The problem with our client’s sales presentations was a result of their own growth. They provide all related HVAC and energy services for commercial buildings, some of which are closer to their core competency than others. It was a challenge to communicate concisely in one presentation all of the value they provide while also accounting for business growth priorities. Sales reps delivered effective pitches, but the presentation itself wasn’t empowering them to their full potential for sourcing the quality leads they needed.


We sat down with executive and sales teams to witness the current state of the presentation and delivery through role playing the sales process. The meeting also helped determine which types of leads were considered high-quality, and allowed for a richer understanding of how to balance competing priorities within the presentation.

Previously, as part of an ongoing integrated marketing initiative, we had worked together defining buyer personas, which are representations of ideal buyers’ motivations for purchasing, based on historical data and internal surveys.

Armed with the knowledge of what motivates people to choose our client, as well as their business goals for the presentation, a streamlined deck of content was created by consolidating and reprioritizing the messaging of the previous content. A new branded design was then developed with the goal of complimenting the content and differentiating our client from the competition.

The new presentation, after content and design were completed, included cues for the sales reps, indicating when to change slides and when to talk about which service or benefit. We once again sat down with our client’s sales reps and executives to unveil the new presentation, introduce the speaking cues, and discuss incorporating the presentation into the sales delivery.


Our client received more than a simple presentation – they received a tool that empowered their talented sales reps to drive business growth. The resulting sales presentations were effective in generating the type of leads they desired.

The presentation itself complimented the sales reps’ delivery, providing only the most powerful information without distracting from the message of the sales reps. While previous presentations had generated high volumes of leads, the new presentations improved the quality of these leads.

We continue to work with Donnelly Mechanical on an ongoing integrated marketing campaign, with collaboration beyond the scope of traditional marketing when required.

In a sea of Ford’s, AIMG is a Maserati. We’ve been working with Joe DeMicco and his team at AIMG for a couple of years now. They have proved to be a real asset to Donnelly’s marketing and sales teams. In addition to on-going marketing management that delivers strong leads to our sales team, AIMG’s in-house design and development teams are able to respond quickly to our ad hoc sales presentation needs. They listen and they respond with great ideas and strong marketing assets. Joe’s put together a top notch team at AIMG and we’re happy to partner with them.

- Dino Mangione, Business Management and Construction Consultant,

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