The Importance of Marketing to Existing Customers

Marketing to existing customers costs far less than acquiring new customers. Existing customers can be a meaningful source of new revenue. Read the blog to understand the importance and potential value of marketing to existing customers.
Tips on How to Succeed in B2B Social Media Advertising

Finding Success in Social Media Advertising for B2B Marketing

B2B social media advertising must take into consideration longer buying cycles and a different audience than B2C social media advertising. There are a few ways that B2B marketers can prepare for success in social media advertising.
How to Make Your Content Writing Stand Out

How to Make Your Content Writing Stand Out from Competitors

Content marketing has rapidly gained popularity in the last few years, and because of this, search engines are crowded with content. It’s more important than ever that your content stands out from the crowd. Read the blog to learn some tricks for writing better content than your competitors.
Creating a B2B Social Media Strategy That Works

How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy that Works

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any company, but it’s underutilized in the B2B sector. Many B2B marketers say they have a social strategy, but very few have one written down. Read the blog to see how you can create a B2B social media strategy that works.
Finding Better B2B Marketing to Sales Lead Handoffs

How to Align Marketing and Sales for Better Lead Handoffs

Inbound B2B marketing techniques are driving marketing and sales departments closer together. It’s important the two departments are aligned so that marketing can handoff qualified leads and sales can close on more frequently on interested buyers.

Content Marketing

4 Ways to Measure the ROI of Content Marketing

It can be difficult to attribute revenue to individual pieces of content, but it’s still important to understand ROI to justify content marketing spend.