20 Must-See Call-to-Action Examples + How to Write Compelling CTAs

When you create marketing content for your B2B company, it’s essential to include many different parts to make it effective. One part of an effective marketing content piece is the call to action or CTA. It’s essential to have a CTA in your marketing content and ensure it’s an effective one. Here’s how to do so!

What is a CTA?

A call to action, or CTA, is a portion of your marketing content that encourages the reader to take a specific action. The CTA can be a link to a form for the reader to fill out, a button to click that takes them to another page or plain text with a written directive. Generally, a CTA is the last piece of your marketing content that strives to get the reader to react somehow.

Why They’re Important

CTAs are vital pieces of marketing content as they sum up everything the prior content was written to do. For example, if your content was written to persuade the reader to buy a specific product, the button below shows that this is where they can achieve results and buy that product. Without a CTA, many readers won’t know how to get to the next step of the purchase process. And without a strong CTA, they may not want to!

20 CTA Examples

If you want to brainstorm potential CTAs, here are 20 examples to consider:

  1. Buy now
  2. Start a free 7-day trial.
  3. Sign up today
  4. Get a quote
  5. Order now
  6. Get a demo
  7. Sign up for free
  8. Add to cart
  9. Keep shopping
  10. Get a limited-time offer now.
  11. Shop sales now
  12. Get 20% off
  13. Claim your offer now
  14. Get a free gift
  15. Enjoy an added bonus.
  16. Shop the collection
  17. Subscribe
  18. Shop
  19. Be the first
  20. Learn more

How to Write a Compelling CTA

You can use any of the CTAs above to end your marketing campaign and encourage the reader to take a specific action. When it’s time to write your B2B CTA, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider your marketing goals: Before you create the CTA, know what your goals are with regard to the content. Do you want the reader to buy something, subscribe to a newsletter, shop for additional products, etc.?
  • Pick the right action words: Once you know your CTA goals, you can pick the right action words to make a compelling CTA.
  • Make sure your CTA can be seen: Add your CTA to the webpage where it will be seen with ease.
  • Turn your CTA into a button or link: You can create a CTA that’s just written text; however, you may have more success with a CTA button or link the reader can click on.
  • Test your CTA for success rate: Perform testing of your CTA to ensure the conversion rate is reasonable. After all, if the CTA isn’t performing well, you may need to try a different one.

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