Industrial Marketing Strategy

Your business is unique. Your buyers are unique. Your goals are unique. There is no one pre-existing solution that fits all B2B organizations. You need to know what to expect along the way as you reach your growth goals, and that’s why our guidance is invaluable.

Integrated marketing begins with in-depth strategic planning in order to reach leads at every stage of the buying process.

While we rely the same, proven toolbox of resources for each of our clients, we don’t fall back on one-size-fits-all solutions or half measures that fail to separate your brand from the noise of the competition.

We create customized, actionable, flexible plans with goals that are SMART:


In other words, we determine how best to leverage our substantial marketing expertise and techniques within a strategic plan that incorporates your budget, desired timeframes and sales goals. To build your plan, we delve deeply into analytic data to illuminate your existing sales process. Then, as your integrated marketing campaign takes flight, we leverage new data to determine how best to allocate resources without losing sight of your carefully planned objectives.

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Buyer Persona Development

If you want to remain relevant in a competitive landscape, you need a deep understanding of the buyers who influence or make decisions about your products and services.

Developing detailed buyer personas—fictional prototypes of each “type” of person/user who interacts with your sales funnel—provide this understanding without compelling you to personally contact each prospect or customer.

Your company’s buyer personas will be different than those of any other firm—even your closest competitors. By leveraging your website’s visitor data as well as demographic information about your leads and existing clients, we compile representative buyer personas that include job title/duties, company size, sub-industry, geographic information, age/gender, persona-specific pain points and more.

As your company expands into new markets and diversifies its offerings, our expert marketing analysts adjust, build on and add to your buyer personas with the ultimate goal of maintaining a wide sales funnel and a powerful conversion pipeline.