Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software for Your Business

Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software for Your Business

There are many different types of marketing automation software – assessing your problems in relation to your goals helps determine which kind is best for you. Read the blog to learn some tips for choosing marketing automation software for your business.
Understanding Marketing Attribution Models

A Brief Overview of Marketing Attribution Models

Marketing attribution is essential for understanding the efficiency and return on investment of marketing campaigns but can be difficult to implement. Read the blog to get a basic understanding of different marketing attribution models.
6 Ways Marketing Automation Software Helps Sales

6 Ways Marketing Automation Software Helps Drive Sales

Marketing automation software is a critical component of any modern marketing efforts. While automation saves marketers time on busywork, it’s also a powerful way to help drive new sales.
Understanding Predictive B2B Marketing Analytics

Understanding Predictive B2B Marketing Analytics

Predictive analytics in the B2B sector go beyond past and present data analysis and offer likely predictions of future trends. Using machine learning and AI techniques, B2B marketers can take lead generation to new heights with predictive analytics.
2 New Features From Bing Ads Benefit PPC Advertisers

Bing Ads Two New Automated Features Benefit PPC Advertisers

The Bing ads platform can deliver meaningful results for PPC advertisers, especially in the B2B sector. The rollout of two new automated advertising features will be an even greater benefit for B2B marketers.
B2B Mobile Marketing Needs to be Prioritized

Why B2B Mobile Marketing Needs to be a High Priority Now

B2B mobile marketing needs to be a high priority in any marketing strategy today. After two major algorithm updates this year, Google has prioritized mobile search. Additionally, the B2B audience is changing as millennials become more influential. Learn why B2B mobile marketing has grown drastically in importance in the past year.
The Benefits of Google Tag Manager

The Benefits of Using Google Tag Manager On Your Website

Google Tag Manager (GTM) simplifies the process of managing and tracking third-party services on your website, saving time and money on development resources. See how using GTM on your website can benefit you.
How Interactive Content Drives B2B Leads

How to Use Interactive Content to Drive B2B Leads

Interactive content is a proven way to boost engagement and provide audiences with content they want. Most see it as a B2C format, but there are well-defined ways that B2B marketers can leverage interactive content to drive leads.
Avoiding B2B Social Selling Mistakes

Avoiding Common Mistakes in B2B Social Selling

B2B social selling can be a powerful addition to any sales strategy when it’s done thoughtfully and skillfully. However, it’s easy to fall into a few common mistakes. Learn how to avoid these mistakes when trying B2B social selling.