11 Email Marketing Strategies That Get Results

There are many B2B marketing strategies that are effective ways to draw in new clients and keep current customers as well. From in person marketing options to content marketing, there are various ways to reach an audience. One marketing method that is still a strong contender in this type of advertising strategy is email marketing.

Why Email Marketing is Important

Email marketing has been used for a long time. Even back when the Internet was gaining momentum in popularity, businesses were using email marketing to reach clients near and far. To this day, email marketing is still a top marketing strategy. In fact, email marketing strategies generate $42 with every $1 spent! However, it’s vital that email marketing is done correctly in order to be effective.

Risk of Poor Email Marketing

If your company uses email marketing to engage customers and sell products and services, but it’s not effective, there are many problems that may result from this ineffectiveness. First, you’ll waste money paying people to handle your email marketing strategies which you won’t see a return on if they’re not effective. Also, you’ll waste time using email marketing strategies that aren’t doing the job they should be doing. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure your email marketing strategies get results!

11 Email Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Ready to pursue email marketing techniques with success in mind? Here are 11 email marketing strategies that get results:

  1. Avoid sending “no reply” emails: Use a name in your email address as opposed to no reply and then the company name. This will help your recipient see the email and respond accordingly.
  2. Don’t use contact lists: Contact lists may sound like an easy way to send out emails but they won’t yield the best results plus legal considerations may also exist. Instead, create your own email mailing list based on your target audience. An email marketing professional can help you with this!
  3. Personalize your emails: Try to personalize the emails as much as possible for the best response.
  4. Keep your mailing list updated: Make sure your email marketing mailing list is continually updated.
  5. Include an email signature: Email signatures are good for branding and visibility. Therefore, you should always include a name on the emails you send.
  6. Use engaging subject lines: Create a buzz of excitement with engaging subject lines. Plus, these types of emails are more likely to be opened by the recipient.
  7. Use a 500 to 650 pixel width: For ease of reading, keep the email pixel width to an amount between 500 and 650.
  8. Don’t use a lot of typefaces: Too many typefaces can be distracting to the reader. Therefore, limit your typefaces to no more than three.
  9. Send your emails at the right time: Consider timing when you send out your emails as open rates often differ depending on the time the emails are received.
  10. Use short subject lines: Keep your subject lines short and to the point.
  11. Use a mobile-friendly format: Remember that many people read emails on their smartphones so use a mobile-friendly format.

Keep these tips in mind and hire an email marketing professional to help you achieve the best results.

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