How to Create an Editorial Calendar that Boosts Lead Generation

Businesses quickly learn that blog content is an excellent way to draw in customers. This type of online content is informative and interesting. Plus, it may have some helpful advice related to your industry. With that said, it’s important that blog content is created and published with a goal in mind and on a set schedule. This is where an editorial calendar comes in handy!

What is an Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is a blog content publishing schedule. This type of schedule shows what content should be published and when it should be done. The calendar is the result of careful planning and marketing strategies to enable the content to be as powerful and beneficial as possible.

Benefits of This Type of Content Calendar

There are quite a few benefits of having an editorial calendar. First, when you have this scheduling component in place you can figure out what type of content should be written at a certain time. The content calendar also helps you plan your marketing strategy and figure out what information you want to distribute to your site visitors and the purpose behind it.

Risk of Not Having One

There are also certain risks to not having an editorial calendar. One risk to not having this content calendar in place is that you might have a disorganized blog with content that doesn’t really serve a purpose, it just takes up space. Also, when you don’t have an editorial calendar, you may find it’s more difficult to put your marketing strategies into motion. Editorial calendars ensure that you are on the right marketing path.

How it Creates Leads if Done Correctly

When you create an editorial calendar that works, you can attract leads by offering helpful content. If your blog posts offer helpful content on a continual basis, you’ll quickly become a fan favorite of many people who look to you for advice on your industry. And these are also people who will likely buy your products and services.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar That Boosts Lead Generation

Ready to create the best editorial calendar and increase your lead generation chances? Here are some tips to do so:

  • Figure out your content marketing objectives: First decide what your marketing objectives are and this will help you to determine what type of content works best.
  • Research relevant topics: Research possible topics to base your blog posts on and consider what information might draw people in.
  • Develop a strategy based on those topics: Think of how to formulate headlines and create a content format that’s sure to be appreciated by the reader.
  • Understand what content works best: Research keywords and find out what content is most shareable in your industry.
  • Create content: Formulate the calendar based on the information above and your overall marketing strategy. Once you have article topics in your editorial calendar, create the content and publish it accordingly.
  • Monitor your results and change strategy if necessary: Be sure to monitor your results along the way. Also, make sure you are flexible with your editorial calendar and change the strategy if you find something isn’t working or something else will work better.

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