What Is Web 3 & How Will It Impact Marketing?

When you think of the Internet, you may not realize there are different versions of this frequently used digital information source. We are now moving up to Web 3. Web 3 is the third version of the Internet. If you’re confused about what this is and how it affects you, specifically in digital marketing, don’t worry! We have the answers you need regarding Web 3.
The best way to explain Web 3 is to offer insight into the various Internet versions. From there, you can see how Web 3 will differ from the earlier versions.

Web 1: The First Internet

The first Internet version popped up in the late 1990s. This initial version impressed users as there was nothing else to compare it to. However, this inaugural version featured basic features, plain fonts, and blue hyperlinks. This was a good start, but there were great things ahead with the next version.

Web 2: The Follow-Up Version

The follow-up Internet version, Web 2, showed improvements in all areas of functioning. This version came out in 2005 and showed improved content, and later introduced social media of a wide array. Technology companies took over, and options increased in all directions for Internet users. However, data privacy issues then came into play more often. This is the Internet version we currently use.

Web 3: The New Version

Web 3 is still in the works with a release date TBA. With that said, this new version will provide more significant opportunities for consumers to handle tech platforms independently. Blockchain technology puts the user in control. By doing so, Internet users can keep much of their data private and better know where their information goes. In other words, the Internet user gains more authority over their Internet use.

How Web 3 Will Affect Marketing

As you might imagine, when the new Web 3 Internet version launches, there will be an effect felt by digital marketing companies. Here’s how the introduction and use of Web 3 may impact digital marketing:

  • Less access to user data
  • Community-focused mindset
  • Content creators gain more freedom
  • 3D approach to Internet use

When Web 3 goes into motion, digital marketers must change their tactics to work with this new version. The focus will shift to marketing products and services to Internet users with more control over their online data.

Risk of Not Adapting

It’s essential to understand this new Internet version and start brainstorming ideas on how to alter marketing strategies with this updated version. If you don’t create marketing strategies with Web 3 changes in mind when it’s time to do so, your old marketing strategies may not work as well with the new system.
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