10 Ways to Help Your Site Rank Higher

Your visibility in search determines whether you can achieve a steady stream of leads through your website. The key metric in higher visibility is site ranking. What Is Site Ranking? “Site ranking” or “search rank” refers to where your website appears on a Google search results page. You have a different ranking for each keyword […]

Website Launch Checklist: 30 Things to Check Before Going Live

If you don’t have a modern website in 2021, it’s very difficult to keep your business afloat. But website launches are complex, and a poor launch can damage your reputation. Why Website Launches can Have so Many Challenges Website launches have many “moving parts.” A site must anticipate user needs and serve them in hundreds […]


Why Your Website Needs Pillar Content

What Is Pillar Content? Pillar content describes a specialized approach to developing deep, informative content. The ultimate goal of pillar content is to raise search engine traffic by delivering a comprehensive response to a “burning question” your audience has. Good pillar content can be very long, anywhere from 2000 to 10,000 words. Pillar content takes […]

A heatmap

Should Your Business be Using Website Heat Maps?

What Is a Website Heat Map? In digital marketing, a heat map is a visual representation of how users interact with your website. It tracks where attention falls as users scroll down a page: In general, red areas are those that receive a high level of attention, while blue areas are those that rarely or […]


How to Improve Your Website’s Design

Importance of Good Website Design Good website design is essential on two levels: User experience and search engine optimization. User experience relates to the ways a website’s design makes it easier for users to complete tasks. Good website design creates a frictionless experience that allows people to find the information they want fast. Because it’s […]

7 Essential Elements of a Small Business Website

7 Essential Elements of a Small Business Website

A small business may not have the long history or large team of its competitors. However, there is one area where looking as professional as your rivals is simply a matter of putting in the effort: Your small business website. When your website has all the features it needs, it conveys prestige to visitors. Don’t miss […]

Google Mobile-First Indexing Facts & Myths

Google Mobile-First Indexing Facts & Myths

Search is changing, and Google is changing with it. More search traffic now originates from a mobile device than from a desktop computer. With this in mind, Google now uses the mobile version of your site as the definitive “copy” that determine search rankings. This is referred to as “mobile-first indexing,” and understandably, it has […]

Online Marketing: What Is a Landing Page?

Online Marketing: What is a Landing Page?

Most pages on a website are made to inform. Although they may include a call to action, they are not optimized to create conversions: That is, to get people to sign up, download, or buy. This is true of your blog posts as well as structural pages like your “About Us” page. Enter the landing page – […]

How to Build a Successful B2B Website That Generates Leads

How to Build a Successful B2B Website That Generates Leads

B2B buyers don’t make impulse buys. They know how important it is for them to compare one B2B website with another and the options they have to offer to make an informed decision – which can take weeks or months. When these buyers arrive at your site, they may be hearing about you for the […]