How Should I Update My Company’s Website in 2020?

Refreshing your company’s website for the new year is a wise investment of time and effort. It ensures you’re still meeting your customers’ needs and giving leads the incentives to convert.

It also helps you maintain the image of a thought leader in your industry space. With an in-house site refresh costing as little as a few hundred dollars, it’s well worth it to remain relevant in 2020.

Even a larger, agency-driven website refresh may cost only a few thousand dollars. This is a worthwhile way to know your site is fully aligned with the latest digital marketing best practices.

Balance effort and reward with some of the best ways to update your site for the new year:


Expand Your Content Marketing Efforts

The more content you have on your site, the more relevant traffic you can draw from search engines. Now is the time to institute a content marketing calendar if you don’t have one already. You should be posting at least one new blog a week.


Ensure Your Lead Magnets Are Enticing

Be certain you are offering value to those joining your email list. A helpful and informative e-book, white paper, or other content piece is a must. Remember, even if you have offers in place, they might lose their luster over time.


Enhance Content With Visuals and Video

You can get a lot more mileage out of your existing content by adding photos, illustrations, and videos. These make content more likely to be shared. Video marketing is so powerful that just having a video on a page increases conversion rate, even when the video isn’t clicked.


Update Aging Content and Website Links

One of the most important website updates you can do is simply double-checking that your content is still accurate. Some content will no doubt need to be updated annually. Also, check out all your site’s links to verify they work properly.


Showcase More Testimonials and Reviews

How Should I Update My Company’s Website in 2020?Digital marketing thrives on social proof. Dive into your recent customer feedback and make sure your sizzling testimonials are prominently displayed on your site. You can also excerpt quotes from reviews, even if they appear on third-party sites.

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