Artificial Intelligence Making an Impact on Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence is making its presence felt around the world. Marketing is just one industry being transformed by advanced machine learning. AI may soon be responsible for a wide range of tasks impacting millions of people every day. What was once science fiction is becoming science fact.

Let’s consider some of the ways AI is changing content marketing:


AI Uncovers Customer Insights That Were Once Invisible

Some of the most powerful analytics tools are now based on AI. These tools find patterns in customer behavior and predict upcoming trends with remarkable accuracy. By evaluating millions of user sessions and real-time transaction data, an AI platform can determine the most effective marketing approaches for a week, month, or season. They can also discover the best times and approaches to use for follow-up. This makes it easier to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, even if they go dormant.


AI Generates Unique Content from “Building Blocks”

Most content marketing still needs to be done the old-fashioned way – individual pieces written by hand. AI hasn’t mastered new content, but there are two areas where it shines. The first is compiling data, such as the latest sales figures, and slotting it meaningfully into “boilerplate content” a real content writer can use as a basis for an insightful blog. The second is its ability to bring together disparate pieces of content into a single, unified whole. For example, leads can receive a customized report featuring parts from dozens of existing posts.


AI Personalizes the Brand Relationship

Automation has been used in email marketing for many years, so it’s no surprise this is an area where AI is coming into its own. Instead of “list segments” where subscribers are broadly categorized into lead or customer, AI may soon micro-target subscribers with individualized communication. These principles can be used to make ad retargeting more compelling or craft –- potentially on the fly – offers and incentives that inspire action from customers on the fence.


What Does the Future Hold for AI in Marketing? The Sky is the Limit

Artificial Intelligence Making an Impact on Content Marketing

There is no “AI brain” that can do content marketing all on its own – yet. In the coming years, however, we’ll all be faced with a challenging question: Can AI handle marketing, or is it still best left to humans?

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