3 Keys to Successful Content for Dependable Lead Generation

Done right, content marketing is the most powerful lead generation solution. Helpful, informative content not only drives traffic to your site but builds the relationship necessary for customers to convert into leads.

Once you set up a lead generation funnel with content marketing, it can continue producing value for years. Because content naturally has search engine “pull,” you might not have to spend a cent in ads to get the results you want.

While there are many kinds of content, it’s not all equally effective when it comes to B2B lead generation. Here’s how to turn your content into a B2B lead generation engine:

1.Use Email Marketing to Conquer Long Sales Cycles

In the long run, many B2B brands see the most consistent results from email marketing. Email allows you to “drip” high-quality content that helps leads set parameters for their future purchase. As time goes on, you establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

If email marketing is the centerpiece of lead generation, blogging is what gets you there. Blog posts raise search engine visibility and give leads a taste of the value you offer. Then, you can trade an e-book or white paper to get them on your email list.

2.Amplify Your Efforts With Social Media

B2B social media can be challenging. LinkedIn offers amazing opportunities in this regard, but Facebook and Twitter can contribute if used correctly. A highly visual approach is the key to good social content: Every post should have a photo or illustration.

For brands with the resources, video content particularly has proven social media value.

There are two ways to approach video content: Polished content looks and sounds professional, like a keynote speech. Authentic content may be grainy and ad-hoc, like a smartphone video, but is often more “human.” 

3.Don’t Neglect Thought Leadership Content

Deeply researched content such as white papers and e-books take longer to produce. Still, your brand thrives when you can combine fresh data with a unique perspective. Many B2B brands focus on a single annual “state of the industry” report that becomes a major event.

To create compelling content, you must find creative ways to act on your understanding of your target audience. When you accomplish that, leads feel confident you can meet their needs.

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