Why B2B Marketers Should be Using Video Content for Lead Generation

Back in 2008, YouTube overtook Yahoo as the 2nd largest search engine in the U.S. next to Google. Since then, online video content has only gotten more popular – particularly among B2B decision-makers.

Video is compelling and convenient, making it suited for today’s “always on the go” digital world. In fact, B2B decision-makers frequently turn to video for product research because of its convenience – 70% of them are using it.

But video isn’t just the right choice because it’s easy to use. It has unique capabilities you can’t match with even the best blog posts, infographics, or other content reliant on text.

Video Content is Vital to Today’s B2B Marketing Landscape?

Video Content Takes You There

Video is the next best thing to being there. It adds a personal touch like nothing else. You can use it to show off your processes and products, provide “behind the scenes” footage, or introduce the thought leaders who make your make your business go.

Video Introduces Material Quickly

There are many learning styles. Video appeals to both visual and auditory learners – the vast majority of your audience. When you can see and hear a new concept in action, it makes more intuitive sense. This is great for demystifying complex offerings.

b2b marketing video content

Video is More Likely to Be Shared

Videos go viral every day. Sure, B2B video is less likely to have the entertaining qualities that make cat videos spread so fast, but it is more likely to be shared among a larger audience of decision-makers who are in the know. This affects your online visibility as a whole.

Video is Valued by Decision-Makers

A well-written blog post is useful and informative, but there’ll always be the sense that written content is “run of the mill.” On the other hand, video content provides a polished and professional perspective that helps to burnish your brand’s reputation.

There are exceptions. Companies sometimes emulate YouTube’s B2C content kingpins using grainy and shaky phone-cam footage taken on the spot. This has its place in B2B marketing as well, but most B2B videos will have a bit more polish to them – and that time and effort shows.

Video Content Makes for Better Social Proof

Naturally, video is great at telling a story – and “characters” you meet tend to be more relatable.

That makes it especially potent when used for social proof, the kind of marketing that tells your potential customers that others “just like them” have had success with your brand in the past. A video testimonial or even a video case study stands out more than the same content in text.

Video content takes work, but it introduces endless opportunities. Add it to your marketing mix for greater success attracting and maintaining B2B relationships.