Common Slipups in Content Marketing You Must Learn to Avoid

Seeing the whole picture is essential in content marketing. When you become too focused on just one aspect, it’s easy to leave crucial gaps in your campaign. These “gaps” are what your website visitors fall into before they can become leads.

Switching between the strategic view and the day-to-day view of content marketing can be tough. It comes with experience. Until then, it’s vital to use guidelines that help dodge common mistakes.

Let’s look at the common content marketing mistakes you must avoid:


Not Understanding Your Audience’s Motivations

Your content drives people to your website. It needs to stand out on a page of search engine results by promising clear value they can put to use right away. That means most content you create will answer a burning question posed by your leads or solve a problem they are dealing with in their business life.

Before prospective buyers even assess your credibility, they make a judgment about whether your content is informative and helpful. You create helpful content by understanding what drives your audience online and then using your expertise to meet them where they are.


Failing to Diversify Your Topics

Common Slipups in Content Marketing You Must Learn to AvoidAt the beginning of your content marketing journey, you’ll usually start producing lots of “evergreen content.” Evergreen content is content that’s useful to the majority of your first-time visitors. Just as importantly, it is unlikely to go out of date in the medium-term future.

Once you have a base of evergreen topics, you should start to emphasize detail-rich content drawing on your specific expertise. This may not have the same broad appeal, but it will show your thought leadership.

Coming up with a diverse assortment of topics reflecting future clients’ needs will draw more traffic to your website. It also ensures that each piece of content performs better by having a greater focus on unique search terms.


Neglecting to Update Your Content

Not all content will last forever, of course. Guides to specific solutions and technologies may impress people enough to get on your mailing list, but they’ll also need to be updated annually.

Forgetting to update your content makes it much more likely readers will end up with outdated information. They will assume your website is not active or that you are simply behind the times.

Avoid common content marketing mistakes by developing realistic strategies and reading our post on Five B2B Content Marketing Strategies That Work.