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Growth-Driven Design

Phase 1 Technology Growth-Driven Design Assists Business Expansion

Amplify uses a GDD approach to generate leads for a machine vision distributor at a critical juncture in their company’s growth

Phase 1 Technology (P1T), an Amplify client since 1996, recently needed to update their website as their rapid growth in product offerings had become unwieldy in the current structure of their website. Our client wanted a simpler navigation that facilitated easier searches for particular products to improve lead generation.


P1T has an extensive range of products spanning the entire spectrum of vision and machine vision components. This alone makes it difficult to present hundreds of products in an intuitive manner, but the matter is complicated by the fact that users may search for a product by compatibility, manufacturer, type of technology or by application. Our long-time client needed a sophisticated, time-consuming website redevelopment project to accomplish all of this. Time was not a luxury they could afford, as all the while they were amassing inventory – they take pride in having the largest on-hand inventory in the industry – but website visitors weren’t converting at expected rates because the site had grown to be complex and off-putting.


We leveraged a growth-driven design (GDD) approach to tackle the website project. This way, one small rebrand and redesign could be implemented initially, and from there the most important product sections could be added one by one – drastically reducing the amount of time it took to go live with new usability features, while also spreading out the costs of a new website over time.

Product pages were prioritized by our client’s own internal sales figures and business strategy to ensure the most profitable, in-demand products were featured first. When this knowledge was gathered, a new navigation and site architecture was developed, accounting for not only all machine vision products, but also large sections of multi-media content and vertical-specific pages that had been built for strategic lead generation.

Historical data on web performance and user behavioral tracking were consolidated to inform the design, functionality and content of the first few product sections. While these were built, the rest of the product types were given their own simple web page – a perfectly acceptable short-term solution to drive inbound calls until time, budget, and resources allowed a more functional, navigable website section.

Upon launching the first few product sections, analytics, behavior tracking, and attribution models were layered into the pages to provide detailed insight into performance. This created invaluable visibility into website user conversion behavior. This informed ongoing optimization of these pages, as well as the design and functionality of the following product sections, until their own data could be aggregated for optimization.


Over time, our client received the sophisticated, time-consuming website redevelopment project they needed. It was completed in a time- and budget-friendly manner, driven by historical data, that prioritized their business needs and generated leads when they needed them most.

In a GDD approach, however, optimization never stops because analytics and user behavior data continuously uncover areas for improvement. As points for optimization were identified, and new products and technology were added to the site, further usability and design enhancements were made to continue improving lead generation.

We continue to work with P1T on an ongoing integrated marketing campaign with GDD methodology at the heart of the approach.

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