AIMG Develops Ecommerce Site with One Product Focus to Enhance Sales

Phase 1 Technology Corp. is one of the nation’s leading providers of quality vision systems and components for industrial, communications, surveillance, measurement, and security applications. AIMG, the company’s marketing partner since 1995, recently developed a new ecommerce website, ABC Block Cameras, designed to market and sell Sony block cameras exclusively.

AIMG’s founder and President Joe DeMicco brought the idea to Phase 1 Technology’s CEO Rusty Ponce de Leon. DeMicco states, “Phase 1 Technology’s principle website is doing so well that I was certain they could garner even more sales by focusing on one of their leading product offerings. Unlike Phase 1 Tech’s corporate website, where so many of the products need to be quoted that developing a full-blown ecommerce website just wasn’t economically practical, making the new website an ecommerce application was not only feasible but desirable. The website has an easily trackable, easily measurable single conversion objective – sell Sony block cameras. With an integrated shopping cart and merchant account, the whole conversion process for site visitors is quick and easy: see the product, select the product, and buy the product.”

Another point raised by DeMicco was relevancy. He explained that the highly focused content was unmistakably relevant to both the search engines and users searching for this product. There was no risk of diluting the search engine optimization effectiveness.

Additional benefits to the new search engine optimized ecommerce website is the opportunity to develop and implement highly focused website promotion and product advertising initiatives, including targeted pay per click (ppc) search engine marketing campaigns, email marketing, direct marketing, and other online initiatives.

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