AIMG Updates Bendheim Cabinet Glass with Dynamic Elements

AIMG recently added a new web page and some additional dynamic elements to the Bendheim Cabinet Glass website, one of the five websites developed by AIMG for long time client Bendheim Corporation.

The new EcoGlass webpage represents one of Bendheim’s environmentally-friendly product lines for custom cabinet glass inserts. The seven products in the line are conveniently linked from the landing page, giving home owners and contractors easy access to both the online product catalog and easy online ordering. To add interest to the landing page, animation was used to present each of the products in the line in a slideshow that displays automatically when the visitor first lands on the page. The slideshow runs a cycle and then stops. The graphic includes arrows that can be manually clicked by the users to scroll through the slideshow, stopping to look further at any image that interests them.
A similar dynamic element was added to the home page to present product images in an automatic slideshow using animation that plays continuously. The addition of the dynamic element helps to add interest to the site while providing a marketing function that allows Bendheim Cabinet Glass to attract attention to the look and feel of its products in order to stimulate both a response and further interest.
AIMG develops custom website solutions that can be dynamically driven or have dynamic elements to enhance user experience and business functionality.