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The Top 20 SEO Terms You Need to Know

SEO can be highly complex and full of three-letter acronyms. If you are planning to do SEO on your own, knowing these is crucial. But even when working with a digital marketing firm, learning the basics of SEO can make a positive difference. Let’s take a closer look at why being fluent in the SEO […]

Video Marketing

The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Online Video Marketing

Video Is One of the Most Engaging Forms of Content Today Virtually all top brands use video content to drive brand awareness, convert leads into customers, and boost lifetime customer value. Video is more memorable and more likely to be shared than text content. A page with video is far more likely to lead to […]

Sales Marketing

15 Summer Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales

Marketers can use seasonality and timeliness to their advantage. And that isn’t just for B2C businesses. B2B enterprises face unique opportunities as their target customers pivot out of “survival mode” and look for new ways to excel. Bigger budgets are providing decision-makers with leeway to update equipment and make other critical purchases. B2B firms can […]


Why Your Website Needs Pillar Content

What Is Pillar Content? Pillar content describes a specialized approach to developing deep, informative content. The ultimate goal of pillar content is to raise search engine traffic by delivering a comprehensive response to a “burning question” your audience has. Good pillar content can be very long, anywhere from 2000 to 10,000 words. Pillar content takes […]

Remarketing process

The Benefits of Adding Remarketing to Your Advertising Strategy

What Is Remarketing? Remarketing is a powerful way to reconnect with people who have interacted with your brand in the past. It is an approach to digital advertising that allows you to create custom audiences based on the specific actions a person has taken on your website or within your other digital properties. The most […]

Lead Generation

10 Lead Generation Techniques for B2B Companies in 2021

After the disruption to sales cycles in 2020, lead generation will be more important in 2021. Industrial B2B firms must be proactive in establishing relationships if they want to capture the benefits of rising customer budgets. Over the last several years, traditional events that once defined the B2B lead generation calendar have become less influential. […]

Outsource vs In House

In-House Marketing Vs. Hiring an Agency: The Pros & Cons

Every year, many businesses face the same dilemma: In-house marketing or an agency? Digital marketing has become crucial for industrial firms seeking to differentiate their brand and generate more leads. However, there is no single approach to marketing that’s right for everyone.   In-House Marketing: Pros and Cons Pro: Control Control and communication go hand-in-hand […]

A heatmap

Should Your Business be Using Website Heat Maps?

What Is a Website Heat Map? In digital marketing, a heat map is a visual representation of how users interact with your website. It tracks where attention falls as users scroll down a page: In general, red areas are those that receive a high level of attention, while blue areas are those that rarely or […]


SEO for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

What is SEO? SEO – search engine optimization – is a collection of best practices in website design and management that help you raise your website’s visibility in online searches related to your business. Following SEO principles produces a better experience for users, which makes it more likely you will attain higher search results ranks. […]

Google Mockup

What Business Owners Need to Know About Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update

What is Google Page Experience? Google Page Experience represents a reorganization of four existing search engine ranking signals and the introduction of three new signals called “Core Web Vitals.” Google Page Experience is expected to go live in May 2021. What Has Changed and Why? Most modern industrial websites are already performing in accordance with […]


Does Blogging Actually Generate Leads?

Many Business Owners Question Whether Blogging Is Effective for Lead Generation With so many brands out there re-imagining themselves as “digital publishers,” there are hundreds or even thousands of pages on any topic imaginable. The overall quality of those pages is going up as brands jockey for position. So, it’s reasonable to wonder: Is blogging […]

How Blogging Benefits Your B2B Industrial Business

Why Blogging is Different in B2B Blogging has become a “must-have” for B2B enterprises. Without a blog, you miss out on a critical opportunity to raise your visibility in organic searches related to your business. You also yield opportunities for thought leadership to other brands with a more proactive publishing schedule. However, blogging is different […]

Forrester’s 5 Key Takeaways from What B2B Marketing Leaders are Measuring

Forrester Research, well known for developing some of the most insightful content on the B2B buyer journey, recently released a study asking leaders which metrics are measured on their top-level analytics dashboards. Why Measurement in B2B Marketing Is so Important Measurement in B2B marketing enables continuous improvement that creates compounding competitive advantages over time. By […]

Your Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2021

What Is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing leverages a partnership with an existing social media or industry personality who has cultivated followers in a relevant niche. This person’s reputation enables him or her to endorse your product, support your brand, or cooperate in content marketing initiatives that remain authentic and impactful. Why Is Influencer Marketing Effective? […]

How to Attract B2B Buyers With High-Performing Content

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is the principal form of inbound marketing – digital marketing techniques focused on attracting prospects at the moment they express interest in what you offer. Content marketing emphasizes publishing helpful, informative blog posts, videos, and other media. This allows you to: Draw traffic to your website by raising your […]

Content Marketing

Short or Long Form Content: Which Should Your Business Use?

Over the last several years, more marketers have recognized the potential of long-form content. There is no precise definition of long or short-form content, but a good rule of thumb is that long-form content is 2,000 words or more. The greater length of long-form content gives it the potential to be keyword rich and to […]


5 Must See Email Marketing Trends for 2021

Because you can connect with thousands of contacts for pennies a month, email marketing has the potential to offer exceptional ROI. But email marketing is also one of the fastest-moving marketing techniques. It must take into account changing technology, consumer preferences, and regulations. It was not long ago when marketers of all sizes were retooling […]


How to Improve Your Website’s Design

Importance of Good Website Design Good website design is essential on two levels: User experience and search engine optimization. User experience relates to the ways a website’s design makes it easier for users to complete tasks. Good website design creates a frictionless experience that allows people to find the information they want fast. Because it’s […]

Inbound Marketing

7 Inbound Marketing Tips for 2021

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing refers to marketing techniques that draw leads to you at the moment they express the need for your products or services. This includes blog content, pay-per-click ads, videos, and more. The biggest risks of not doing inbound marketing are: You will be beholden to interruptive outbound techniques like cold […]

Social Media

The 5 Social Media Trends for 2021 Your B2B Business Needs to be Aware Of

Why Social Media for B2B Brands Will Be Different in 2021 Social media is an important part of lead generation for B2B. While it lacks the razzle-dazzle of B2C, there is a ready audience for well-crafted B2B content. However, B2B firms must move with the times to remain effective. In 2021, budgets for purchase decision-makers […]