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10 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Generate Leads

A top marketing campaign helps your company generate leads to sell your products and services. Therefore, you want your marketing strategy to be a step above the rest. By creating topical marketing campaigns, you can attract the attention of potential clients and generate leads. With Halloween approaching, you have a prime opportunity to test this […]

How to Enhance Customer Experience

Raising lifetime value from existing customers is the most efficient way to improve revenue, especially in the industrial sector. To achieve that, companies need to focus on customer experience. What Is Customer Experience? Customer experience is more than customer service. It is everything that makes up the customer’s perception of and sentiment around your brand […]

8 Things You Must Check Before Sending an Email

According to Harvard Business Review, professionals receive about 120 new emails each day. That represents a huge number of opportunities for an email mishap to cause grief. Risks of Not Double Checking Before Hitting “Send” We have all sent an email that, in hindsight, we perhaps shouldn’t have. Most “problem emails” aren’t blow-up confrontations, of […]

10 Ways to Help Your Site Rank Higher

Your visibility in search determines whether you can achieve a steady stream of leads through your website. The key metric in higher visibility is site ranking. What Is Site Ranking? “Site ranking” or “search rank” refers to where your website appears on a Google search results page. You have a different ranking for each keyword […]


7 Proven Ways to Retain Customers

Customer retention is much less costly and time-consuming than new customer acquisition. Yet, many firms in the industrial space miss opportunities to build client relationships that stand the test of time. The Risk of Not Retaining Customers Customer retention provides bedrock stability to your business. It is easier to know how much you can expect […]

15 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List

An email list is one of the most powerful marketing resources any brand can have. As soon as your website goes live, it’s crucial to make building your email list part of your efforts. But many business leaders, especially in the B2B world, are not yet clear about the immense influence an email list can […]

2021’s Top 8 Marketing Challenges

In 2020, much B2B activity was frozen in time. But B2B decision-makers continued to refine their preferences and expectations. Those changes created the seeds of marketing trends industrial companies must face today. Risk of Not Being Aware of Upcoming Marketing Challenges Even the savviest B2B buyers are very different today than they were twelve months […]

How to Create & Achieve Marketing Goals in 2021

As B2B buying and selling ramp up after the pandemic, it is more important than ever to have the right goals in place. Without them, you’ll risk missing out on great opportunities in the second half of 2021. Benefits of Effective Goal Setting Goal setting should be step one in any endeavor. Knowing your goal […]

Website Launch Checklist: 30 Things to Check Before Going Live

If you don’t have a modern website in 2021, it’s very difficult to keep your business afloat. But website launches are complex, and a poor launch can damage your reputation. Why Website Launches can Have so Many Challenges Website launches have many “moving parts.” A site must anticipate user needs and serve them in hundreds […]

2021 Trends

The Top 5 Marketing Technology Trends of 2021

Marketing technology advanced remarkably throughout 2020. Not only has the underlying technology become more sophisticated, but B2B leaders are more comfortable handling buying decisions over digital channels. This expands marketers’ opportunities to use the right technology to reach their customers and track performance. Let’s take a closer look at what it means for 2021. The […]


The Top 20 SEO Terms You Need to Know

SEO can be highly complex and full of three-letter acronyms. If you are planning to do SEO on your own, knowing these is crucial. But even when working with a digital marketing firm, learning the basics of SEO can make a positive difference. Let’s take a closer look at why being fluent in the SEO […]

Video Marketing

The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Online Video Marketing

Video Is One of the Most Engaging Forms of Content Today Virtually all top brands use video content to drive brand awareness, convert leads into customers, and boost lifetime customer value. Video is more memorable and more likely to be shared than text content. A page with video is far more likely to lead to […]

Sales Marketing

15 Summer Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales

Marketers can use seasonality and timeliness to their advantage. And that isn’t just for B2C businesses. B2B enterprises face unique opportunities as their target customers pivot out of “survival mode” and look for new ways to excel. Bigger budgets are providing decision-makers with leeway to update equipment and make other critical purchases. B2B firms can […]


Why Your Website Needs Pillar Content

What Is Pillar Content? Pillar content describes a specialized approach to developing deep, informative content. The ultimate goal of pillar content is to raise search engine traffic by delivering a comprehensive response to a “burning question” your audience has. Good pillar content can be very long, anywhere from 2000 to 10,000 words. Pillar content takes […]

Remarketing process

The Benefits of Adding Remarketing to Your Advertising Strategy

What Is Remarketing? Remarketing is a powerful way to reconnect with people who have interacted with your brand in the past. It is an approach to digital advertising that allows you to create custom audiences based on the specific actions a person has taken on your website or within your other digital properties. The most […]

Lead Generation

10 Lead Generation Techniques for B2B Companies in 2021

After the disruption to sales cycles in 2020, lead generation will be more important in 2021. Industrial B2B firms must be proactive in establishing relationships if they want to capture the benefits of rising customer budgets. Over the last several years, traditional events that once defined the B2B lead generation calendar have become less influential. […]

Outsource vs In House

In-House Marketing Vs. Hiring an Agency: The Pros & Cons

Every year, many businesses face the same dilemma: In-house marketing or an agency? Digital marketing has become crucial for industrial firms seeking to differentiate their brand and generate more leads. However, there is no single approach to marketing that’s right for everyone.   In-House Marketing: Pros and Cons Pro: Control Control and communication go hand-in-hand […]

A heatmap

Should Your Business be Using Website Heat Maps?

What Is a Website Heat Map? In digital marketing, a heat map is a visual representation of how users interact with your website. It tracks where attention falls as users scroll down a page: In general, red areas are those that receive a high level of attention, while blue areas are those that rarely or […]