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How To Make Your Blog Generate Leads

A helpful, informative blog may be the most important asset in your digital marketing strategy. According to research from HubSpot, companies with blogs generated an average of 67% more leads than those without.1 Websites with over 310 indexed pages, most of them contributed by blogs, saw a 236% increase in leads compared to those with […]

6 Common Marketing Automation Mistakes To Avoid

Automation is one of the most important innovations to hit the marketing field in decades. By implementing marketing automation, you have the chance to create memorable, high-touch customer experiences no matter how big your subscriber list becomes or how many leads you must juggle. Done right, automation is an essential piece that allows you to […]

Avoid Making These Mistakes During Your Next Website Redesign

In today’s digital world, your website is your most important marketing tool. Now and then, it may be necessary to completely refresh it. While doing so, though, it’s important not to reverse the progress you’ve already made with your existing site. Here are five mistakes to be wary of in your next website redesign: 1. […]

What Are Google’s New Smart Display Campaigns And Why Should They Be Part Of Your Campaign

Display Ad campaigns have traditionally been among the most challenging to plan and optimize. Marketers have long wanted new options for managing them. Now, Google is responding. Smart Display campaigns rolled out in April. They simplify and streamline advertising workflow while forgoing manual bidding strategies and other time-intensive options. How Does a Smart Display Campaign […]

Updates Coming To Facebook Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Facebook is helping local businesses thrive during COVID-19 with a series of valuable new features. One of these – and perhaps the most ambitious – is Facebook Shops. Facebook Shops are customizable digital storefronts designed to help businesses bring their products online quickly. These storefronts can also be used on Instagram. Facebook Shops Represent a […]

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What Does It Mean to Be Customer Obsessed And Why Your Company Should Be

Some brands have a way of creating powerful relationships with their customers. The compelling experiences they offer lead to deep relationships. Customers keep coming back. That doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of the customer-obsessed corporate culture. Customer obsession is more than having great products and services. Yes, most businesses that are customer-obsessed have […]

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How To Write Case Studies That Work

Case studies are in demand as some of the most compelling B2B marketing content: Case studies strengthen confidence in your brand when decision-makers are near a buy Well-researched, sophisticated case studies burnish your thought leadership credentials More than any other written content, B2B case studies serve as powerful “social proof” A good case study encapsulates […]

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How To Manage A Remote Workforce

A remote workforce is any workforce that does not gather in a central location. Businesses that implement remote work can access talent pools from around the world. Current health and safety concerns mean many businesses are introducing remote work for the first time. The proactive management of a remote workforce can be demanding. It requires […]

Google Knowledge Panels: Brand vs Local

Google Knowledge Panels are specialized information boxes that give search users quick access to key information about people, places, organizations, and things. Information in a knowledge panel is pulled from a variety of sources. For example, many knowledge panels about plants and animals leverage information from Wikipedia. There are two kinds of Knowledge Panel: Local […]

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Educating your Clients is Easier Than Marketing To Them

Across industry, size, and budget categories, one thing is for certain: B2B decision-makers don’t want to be marketed to. With limited time and plenty of other things competing for their attention, decision-makers have high expectations for brands like yours. They want helpful, informative digital content they can put into action: That means concrete solutions to […]

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Are Webinars An Effective Tool For Generating Qualified Leads?

Getting quality leads in the B2B space is no small feat. Qualified leads must have a clear understanding of their business problem, a relatively urgent desire to solve it, and both the budget and institutional will to implement the solution. The best strategy for quality B2B leads might just be interactive webinars. In fact, 73% […]

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Google and Facebook support for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in response to COVID-19

In an effort to support small and medium-sized businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, both Google and Facebook will be providing assistance to small businesses through a combination of programs. Not all details are available yet, but here’s what we know: GOOGLE: Google will be providing ad credits to active SMB advertisers enabling them to advertise […]

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Diving Deep into the Value of Account-Based Marketing

When it comes to marketing and generating sales, it’s crucial to target your potential client base and acquire quantifiable leads. If your only strategy has been to cast your nets out into the wide world, then it’s time to examine a strategy that has the potential to exponentially increase the combined value of your sales […]


Update to AIMG’s COVID-19 Statement

A message from Amplify’s Founder & President, Joe DeMicco: The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation is impacting each of us in different ways. Prior to the NYS mandate, enforcing full on-site workforce reduction of non-essential businesses beginning March 22, we had implemented our Business Continuity Plan for the well-being of our staff and clients. Additionally, all […]

Keys to Success for Industrial B2B Marketing Strategy and Development

Keys to Success for Industrial B2B Marketing Strategy and Development

Research from Gartner indicates that about 77% of B2B buyers still consider making a purchase time-consuming and complicated. Despite huge advances in technology, most B2B firms haven’t yet made the most of new opportunities to respond to their clients’ needs. And in the entire B2B landscape, industrial marketing strategy might be furthest behind. But that […]


AIMG’s Business Continuity Plan in Regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A message from Amplify’s Founder & President, Joe DeMicco: In light of developing challenges, and fears, growing around the Coronavirus, I wanted to share some steps we have taken within our organization to ensure business continuity that our clients can count on. Businesses like ours (and yours) cannot shut down during this unnerving time, but […]

Forecasting the Future of Content Marketing for B2B

Forecasting the Future of Content Marketing for B2B

B2B content marketing is poised to come into its own in 2020 and beyond. Just like their counterparts in B2C marketing, B2B marketing professionals must be ready to evaluate changing buyer needs and adapt their approach accordingly. Content marketing is shaping up to be the most powerful deciding factor in online visibility. This is likely […]

The Definitive Guide to Performing Competitive Research on Your Competition’s Marketing Efforts

The Definitive Guide to Performing Competitive Research on Your Competition’s Marketing Efforts

Competitive research in marketing is an important, but often overlooked discipline. Using competitive research the right way helps you to avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel. There’s nothing unethical about taking inspiration from the ideas that work for your peers and competitors – you’ll still need to stamp them with your own perspective and expertise. […]

Manufacturers Discover the Benefits of Laser Brazing

The Essential Steps of Developing B2B Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a detailed summary of one kind of buyer for your products or services. The buyer persona represents a single-use case. In other words, it summarizes one type of buyer who has clear, specific goals in mind when choosing your product. Buyer personas are valuable for many reasons: They make content marketing […]