AIMG Builds Phase 1 Technology Product Microsite

Phase 1 Technology, a leading distributor of machine vision components for industrial and factory automation applications, recently tasked AIMG with building a new microsite for one of their products.

Phase 1 offered the Dalsa Genie Nano series of machine vision cameras which exploded in popularity. In order to capitalize on this emerging market trend, they knew they needed to expand their digital efforts. After explaining this need, AIMG knew the first step was to sit down with Phase 1 and get to the bottom of what was driving the explosive growth in popularity of these machine vision cameras to create marketing initiatives that tap into this desire.

Working closely with Phase 1 Technology, AIMG determined the specific application-related problems these cameras were solving, the product specifications that created value, and how decision makers and engineers viewed these cameras in terms of the solutions and ROI they were providing, and how that fit into their various individual needs at the company.

All of this information was used to develop a product-specific microsite with content and design tailor-made to resonate with Phase 1’s ideal audience, as well as compel them to take the next steps in the purchasing journey towards placing a high value order for Dalsa Genie Nano cameras with Phase 1.

The microsite was built to maximize lead generation for these cameras. Because of this, it had to be far more than simply a static site with product information. AIMG implemented detailed tracking capabilities to monitor visitor engagement and behavior at a deep level. This enabled AIMG to properly alter the website as new camera versions were released, respond to the changing application-specific needs of visitors as they arose, and tweak the website’s design and content based on what was working and what wasn’t, all in order to drive as many leads into Phase 1’s sales funnel as possible.

The end result was a microsite that functioned like a lead generation machine, and Phase 1 Technology was effectively able to jump on top of the explosive growth in demand for the Dalsa Genie Nano’s, positioning their company for continuous growth for years to come.

You can browse the Dalsa Genie Nano microsite here:

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