AIMG Redesigns Responsive Website for KKworx

When it comes to technology and communications, KKworx partners with the best to ensure powerful technology and communications foundations, and their partnership with AIMG is no different. On June 24th, 2015, AIMG redesigned KKworx’s website to be as efficient and reliable as the consulting that KKworx offers.

AIMG redeveloped KKworx’s website to be fully responsive to offer an optimal user experience on virtually any sized screen. Communication for a company begins at its website, and AIMG knows that a brand that prides itself on streamlining communication across all facets should be available any time, anywhere. Whether visitors come to KKworx by tablet, laptop, phone, or desktop, visitors will find a user experience that is easy to navigate while still maintaining its professionalism and accurately representing the business brand.

Beyond just a redesign, AIMG provided copywriting and images that were specifically created to secure that the content on KKworx’s website matched both their mission and the needs of their customers. AIMG’s team worked closely with KKworx to gain a clear vision of their business’ future. By knowing all of KKworx’s various audience groups, or targeted buyer personas, AIMG crafted information to help visitors realize KKworx would answer not only their questions but their needs.

As a company who aims to increases businesses capabilities and accelerate ROI, KKworx knows the value and importance of a good website. AIMG developed content and communication initiatives to target the right audience at the right time in order to maximize business results and give the company a competitive edge.

To view the new redesigned website designed by AIMG, visit