AIMG Builds Successful B2B Ecommerce Site

Phase 1 Technology, a leading distributor of machine vision components for industrial and factory automation applications, tasked AIMG with building a new microsite for a line of their most popular products.

Phase 1 offered the Teledyne Dalsa series of machine vision cameras, which quickly become some of the most popular industrial cameras in the factory automation sector. Phase 1 wanted to capitalize on this opportunity while Dalsa cameras were still in extremely high demand.

AIMG knew the best way to get ahead of this trend was to build a product-specific microsite with messaging, design and optimization focused strictly on Dalsa cameras. The corporate site was focused on lead generation and getting RFQs. For the Dalsa cameras, since there was a huge opportunity to capitalize on quickly growing demand, it made more sense to develop a separate B2B ecommerce microsite to make the purchasing process faster and easier.

Working closely with Phase 1, AIMG first determined the multiple buyer personas that would be searching for this product and what would be influential in their decision-making process. This information was used to create content and design that would appeal to the target audience and position Phase 1 as reliable distributor of Dalsa machine vision cameras for any type of industrial automation project.

AIMG developed a sleek website focused on driving purchases of Dalsa machine vision cameras, optimized for search engines as well as cross-device compatibility. The site showcases the cameras as well as explains how they specifically solve different industrial applications.

The microsite ended up being a major driver of sales for Phase 1 Technology, not only for one time purchases of cameras but for repeat business from large automation projects.

You can visit the site here:

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