AIMG Launches Website and Branding for Family-Owned Business

With over 40 years in the heating and cooling industry, Trinity Heating & Cooling of Long Island knows the necessity of having a professionally branded website to build their online presence. AIMG worked closely with this family-owned business to develop, design, and brand their recently launched website. By creating content and design that accurately represented their company, AIMG provided Trinity a professional platform to grow their business online.

AIMG leveraged Trinity’s wealth of industry experience and knowledge to gain insight on the target audience and develop different buyer personas. This allowed AIMG to develop content and design a website that effectively targeted potential customers and helped Trinity achieve their business goals.

AIMG used intelligent planning based on verifiable information. From designing the logo to picking the images used on each page, every decision that goes into branding and creating content was meticulously decided in order to best appeal to Trinity’s ideal customer. By taking the time to research and develop content, AIMG created an overall online experience that was compelling, convincing and resonated with Trinity’s target audience.

Developing the website was only half the battle. Once the page was online and in place, AIMG continued to track and analyze visitor behavior to ensure the content was working to achieve Trinity’s goals. Scrutinizing results in this way gave AIMG the ability to optimize Trinity’s online presence in real time to continuously improve their lead generation capabilities.

The Trinity Heating & Cooling website can be visited at

Alongside website development and marketing services, AIMG offers strategic planning and buyer persona development to ensure content and initiatives effectively target desired business objectives and deliver quantifiable results.