How to Improve Your Website’s Design

Importance of Good Website Design

Good website design is essential on two levels: User experience and search engine optimization.

User experience relates to the ways a website’s design makes it easier for users to complete tasks. Good website design creates a frictionless experience that allows people to find the information they want fast. Because it’s easy to reach their goals, they are unlikely to become frustrated and click away.

The positive impact of website design on the user experience generates measurable metrics. Search engines like Google use these to understand whether a website helps visitors effectively. As a result, a well-designed website can achieve higher positions in relevant searches.

Things Website Design Impacts

Website design impacts a wide variety of technical and non-technical factors:

  • A well-designed website is perceived as a brand caring about the value of its customers’ time
  • Customers are more likely to spend longer periods of time on the site and explore more pages
  • They are more likely to endorse the site’s contents by “liking” or sharing it on social media
  • The overall professionalism and reliability of a brand can be communicated by its website

Risk of a Bad Website Design

The chief risk of a bad website design is that users will leave as soon as possible!

Bounce rate represents the percentage of users who click away from a website without any form of interaction, usually in the first few seconds. Visible signs of poor website design can lead to a high bounce rate. Once they leave, these users are unlikely to ever return. Instead, they will check out your competitors in search results.

How to Improve Your Website

Several simple techniques can greatly improve a website’s design and performance:

  • Make sure your website uses a responsive design that adapts to mobile device inputs and displays
  • Use lossless compression and “lazy loading” to reduce the delays caused by loading large images
  • Plan content and navigation in advance so information is not nested more than three pages deep
  • Use interactive features such as on-site search and chatbots to make it easier to locate content

In extreme cases, it may be necessary to completely redesign a website. AIMG industrial website design makes the process simpler and minimizes disruption. To find out more, contact us today.