7 Inbound Marketing Tips for 2021

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing refers to marketing techniques that draw leads to you at the moment they express the need for your products or services. This includes blog content, pay-per-click ads, videos, and more.

The biggest risks of not doing inbound marketing are:

  • You will be beholden to interruptive outbound techniques like cold calls that may turn off your leads
  • You will cede the opportunity to build organic, low-cost website traffic that can benefit you for years

7 Inbound Marketing Tips for 2021

Get Mobile-Friendly

Even highly-placed B2B decision makers are now regularly using smartphones and tablets in product research. It’s essential that your website use a responsive theme that adjusts to the display and input of these devices.

Leverage Automation

Email marketing is a core plank in the marketing plans of most industrial businesses. Marketing automation in email is very advanced, allowing you to eliminate hours of manual work while staying in touch with subscribers.

Emphasize Video Marketing

Video is taking up a growing amount of all online traffic. With hefty data plans, it is easier than ever to access it on mobile, too. Because video is more memorable than text, it can be a great choice for industrial B2B firms.

Use Competitor Analysis for SEO

Most industrial SEO traffic will come from blog posts hosted on your site. Finding out what’s effective for competitors and creating similar – but better – content can supercharge your SEO strategy relatively quickly.

Give PPC a Second Look

Pay per click advertising can be an economical way to amplify your other inbound content. The higher your customers’ Average Lifetime Value, the more you can afford to use ads to draw traffic to your biggest assets.

Refresh Your Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a way for you to centralize and “reality check” your assumptions about your buyers. All content is written for someone, so it’s crucial to inform inbound marketing with well-designed buyer personas.

Introduce More Long-Form Content

Long-form content is generally understood as content that is 2,000 words or longer. Long-form “pillar pages” that serve as the definitive guide to a particular business subject can deliver a lot of clout with search engines.

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