The 5 Social Media Trends for 2021 Your B2B Business Needs to be Aware Of

Why Social Media for B2B Brands Will Be Different in 2021

Social media is an important part of lead generation for B2B. While it lacks the razzle-dazzle of B2C, there is a ready audience for well-crafted B2B content. However, B2B firms must move with the times to remain effective.

In 2021, budgets for purchase decision-makers will be tight. They will be less likely to respond to lead generation campaigns. At the same time, they will spend fewer hours online as public health efforts loosen travel restrictions, a process that must unfold before budgets grow.

That means less time to consume digital content. All marketing must be precise, relevant, and compelling.

The Risks of Not Adapting to Change

Companies that fail to align with marketing and technology trends are sure to leave opportunities on the table. That may leave them in compromised positions, making it harder to benefit from a coming economic recovery. Even firms that have survived so far risk being devoured by big competitors if they’re not careful.

The Top 5 Trends to Be Aware of

1.Video Marketing

Video marketing is a natural fit for social media. An increasing percentage of all online data traffic is video. Video content receives more engagement, including comments and shares, which raises its reach.

2.AI-Based Social Media

AI can detect patterns of behavior in your social media audience using millions of data points, surfacing insights invisible to human analysts. This can help you create dynamic content, respond to trends, and optimize posting.

3.Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Social media will increasingly be integrated into the full spectrum of customer touchpoints. Social management apps will have access to data from your Customer Relationship Management suite, chatbots, and more.

4.Social Media as Content Amplifier

Social media will continue to act as a megaphone for sophisticated content initiatives, including your blogging, podcasts, and webinars. However, expectations for the quality and quantity of that content will be higher.

5.Social Media as a Values Statement

When features and price points do not differentiate solutions, values come into play. In 2021, there will be more pressure on companies to clearly state their values and respond to newsworthy events, mainly on social media.

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