11 Expert Ways to Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle

The sales process in business has many steps to it. Whether you sell directly to individuals or other businesses, there are various steps you have to complete. When you consider the B2B sales process, this is a journey that can be successful although quite long. However, it’s a necessary process. The Sales Process Turns Prospects […]

6 Ways Marketing Automation Software Helps Sales

6 Ways Marketing Automation Software Helps Drive Sales

Marketing automation software is a critical component of any modern marketing efforts. While automation saves marketers time on busywork, it’s also a powerful way to help drive new sales.
Avoiding B2B Social Selling Mistakes

Avoiding Common Mistakes in B2B Social Selling

B2B social selling can be a powerful addition to any sales strategy when it’s done thoughtfully and skillfully. However, it’s easy to fall into a few common mistakes. Learn how to avoid these mistakes when trying B2B social selling.
An Overview of Inbound Sales Tactics

What are Inbound Sales Tactics and How are They Different?

Like inbound marketing, inbound sales is evolving as a superior alternative to older outbound sales methods. As opposed to tactics like cold calling, inbound sales focuses on speaking to only qualified leads to maximize sales productivity.
Finding Better B2B Marketing to Sales Lead Handoffs

How to Align Marketing and Sales for Better Lead Handoffs

Inbound B2B marketing techniques are driving marketing and sales departments closer together. It’s important the two departments are aligned so that marketing can handoff qualified leads and sales can close on more frequently on interested buyers.

7 Tips to Improve B2B E-Commerce Sales

When approached in the right ways, B2B e-commerce can yield consistent profits at low overhead, creating a virtuous cycle that strengthens your business.