Google Discover Ads: The New Way to Leverage Your Sales Funnel

Google rolled out the mobile Discover feed to present a more dynamic and personalized experience for users. The Discover feed makes it easy to glide through large amounts of content related by topic without specific search inquiries.

Although Discover is maturing into another strong part of the Google ecosystem, one thing has been missing: Ads. That will soon be corrected as part of the Big G’s effort to open even more digital real estate for enthusiastic advertisers.

Ads Rolling Out to Discover and Beyond

The biggest news is the inaugural ads on the Discover feature, but that’s not all. Ads will also have an expanded presence on many other digital properties throughout Google.

Users can expect to see more promotional posts than before on Google Images, YouTube feeds, and even the relative privacy of their Gmail inbox.

These formats have long supported ads, but they stand to become a bigger piece of the marketing mix now that they will be more visible and offer placement for a larger spectrum of advertisers.

To drive this change, a new ad format will appear in search results. “Gallery” ads will include multiple images users swipe through. Google is optimistic about the format’s potential impact, saying it inspires up to 25% more user engagement.

google discovery ad

Google is also experimenting with other frontiers for its advertising platform. Earlier in 2019, it introduced sponsored content on its line of Android TVs.

What to Expect from Discover Ads

There’s no doubt Google is turning the biggest spotlight on Discover.

The Discover feed is a sign of the undeniable fact we now live on a mobile-first Web. Empowered with ads, Discover will expose users to a product “before they search for it,” using their content consumption and interests to anticipate their needs.

Google Discover ads will place sponsored posts alongside suggested news stories and other content derived from Google’s deep user personalization. This provides companies with another opportunity to micro-target the ideal audience, extending the customized user experience further.

To prepare for Discover Ads, marketers should review their buyer personas and offers. Ensure you have compelling photos and illustrations ready to go for a new ad format, as well as the bandwidth necessary to integrate new efforts seamlessly into your existing campaigns.

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