5 Must See Email Marketing Trends for 2021

Because you can connect with thousands of contacts for pennies a month, email marketing has the potential to offer exceptional ROI. But email marketing is also one of the fastest-moving marketing techniques. It must take into account changing technology, consumer preferences, and regulations.

It was not long ago when marketers of all sizes were retooling to cope with a range of new privacy laws. Now, organizations are ramping up to introduce AI-driven email! Email marketing changes so fast, old approaches can quickly look antiquated – and that makes them seem less trustworthy.

5 Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021


Personalized email subject lines are more likely than others to be opened. Personalized email text, on the other hand, leads to higher transaction rates. Brands must get more creative in leveraging data to go beyond “first name personalization” and truly tailor messages to an audience.

Text-Only Emails

Text-only emails have long been common among small, relationship-focused entrepreneurs. Now, big brands are rediscovering them. Text-only emails can deliver a more personal feel and load faster on mobile. After all, emails you dash off to friends or family probably aren’t packed with images!
Interactive Content

On the other end of the scale, new mobile-friendly design technology means interactive email content will be easier to create. For example, it is now possible to add a carousel image with product options right in an email. Purchases can be completed from the inbox.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation makes it possible to cultivate relationships with contacts over months and years. Emails can be sent to hundreds of subscribers with the push of a button, yet still, maintain a personal feel. Plus, email marketing suites can use recent user behavior data to send more relevant messages.

Continued Focus on Privacy

The EU’s General Data Protection Rule has raised the bar on privacy worldwide, as brands must adhere to its standards or face severe penalties. To the surprise of many marketers, however, a greater focus on privacy has reduced opt-out and raised open rates as users feel more confident about how data is used.

Email marketing is sure to continue evolving. AIMG’s B2B marketing automation ensures your campaigns are always up to date. To learn more, contact us.