Website Launch Checklist: 30 Things to Check Before Going Live

If you don’t have a modern website in 2021, it’s very difficult to keep your business afloat. But website launches are complex, and a poor launch can damage your reputation.

Why Website Launches can Have so Many Challenges

Website launches have many “moving parts.” A site must anticipate user needs and serve them in hundreds of ways. Plus, you must also have email, social media, and other marketing materials prepared to make the most of your launch. If anything fails, your business may look foolish.

30 Things to Check

  1. 1. Website’s DNS settings are correct and point to the right domain
  2. Website has a valid Secure Sockets Layer certificate and HTTPS enabled
  3. All website pages and posts are marked “public” rather than “draft”
  4. All administrative controls are hidden adequately from public view
  5. All default and example pages and posts have been deleted
  6. All contact forms direct users to the right page post-submission
  7. All contact forms send information to the expected email
  8. All pop-up windows fire according to the expected trigger(s)
  9. Pop-up windows meet Google standards as non-intrusive
  10. On-page SEO strategy has been implemented on all pages
  11. All header tags use appropriate keywords
  12. All body text uses appropriate keywords
  13. All pages have appropriate calls to action
  14. All CTAs, offers, and lead magnets function correctly
  15. Email subscriber list sign-up works as expected
  16. New email subscriber sequence fires correctly
  17. All emails include required unsubscribe option
  18. All emails include required sender information
  19. Website footer includes company contact information
  20. All embedded videos operate as expected
  21. All online advertising leads to appropriate landing pages
  22. Website has a clear and specific privacy policy visitors can access
  23. Website has appropriate cookie controls for GDPR and CCPA
  24. Website has the company’s complete contact information on the contact page
  25. If in use, chatbots have been tested to answer user questions successfully
  26. All pages load within Google’s expected speed parameters
  27. Data analytics software is set up and reporting before the first visit from the public
  28. Real-time reporting tools are available to maintain site performance during the first 24 hours
  29. All webpages render correctly on mobile as well as desktop
  30. Post-launch social media posts are prepared in advance

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