10 Ways to Help Your Site Rank Higher

Your visibility in search determines whether you can achieve a steady stream of leads through your website. The key metric in higher visibility is site ranking.

increase your rankWhat Is Site Ranking?

“Site ranking” or “search rank” refers to where your website appears on a Google search results page. You have a different ranking for each keyword (a real word or phrase users search with).

Why Site Ranking Is Important

Site ranking matters because most online traffic for any keyword goes to the websites on the first result page, i.e., those with the highest search rank for that keyword.

10 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

1 Blog Regularly

Blog regularly, building your topics around relevant search terms. This increases the number of pages on your site that may reach a high search rank.

2 Promote on Social Media

Promote your blogs and other content on social media. Social engagement helps attract search engines’ attention, so your search rank is calculated more frequently.

3 Use Video Marketing Content

Video content is more likely to be used and shared than plain text content. Hosting it on YouTube also boosts your search visibility.

4 Ensure Your Website Is Secure

Google penalizes all the pages on a website that do not use SSL security. Even if you don’t take payments on your website, you need SSL.

5 Make Sure Your Site Looks Good On Mobile

Google prefers to index mobile websites first compared to desktop sites. Poor mobile user experience will cost you.

6 Privacy Policy

Post a privacy policy on your website and make sure your correct mailing address is visible. These “trust signals” are used by Google to ensure your credibility.

7 Google My Business Listing

Claim your Google My Business listing, even if you do not have clients in your local area. Taking control of your GMB listing makes you more likely to appear in local search results.

8 Manage Your Reputation

Manage your online reputation by responding to all reviews, including negative ones. Reviews often show up near search results and can determine whether users click or not.

9 Promote Your Website

Backlinks (links from another website back to yours) play a significant role in search rank. Older, authoritative websites are the best to get links from.

10 Monitor Your Results

Many different analytics tools can track your search ranks across thousands of keywords related to your business.

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