Online Marketing: What is a Landing Page?

Most pages on a website are made to inform. Although they may include a call to action, they are not optimized to create conversions: That is, to get people to sign up, download, or buy. This is true of your blog posts as well as structural pages like your “About Us” page. Enter the landing page – a page completely optimized to produce conversions of a single, specific kind.

The conversion in question might involve downloading a brochure, subscribing to an email list, or making a purchase. Whatever the case may be, everything on the page is designed with that purpose in mind: The text, the graphics, and the navigation.

3 Features of a Conversion-Optimized Landing Page

Of course, visitors to your website can “land” on almost any page. Whatever page they see in search results and then click is the page they arrived on. This is usually a keyword-optimized blog post, which is why it’s important that all blogs have a call to action.

However, a true landing page has several distinctive features:

Navigational Independence

A true landing page is independent of the navigation of the rest of your website. That includes basic elements such as the top navigation menu or footer bar. This prevents users from getting distracted. They will be more likely to follow the text of your page straight down.

Message Match

If you are using digital advertising on Google, Facebook, or other platforms, then your landing page should match the style of the ad the user clicked on. Using the same colors, structure and terminology inform users that they have “come to the right place.”

1:1 Conversion Ratio

All links on your landing page should advance users toward your conversion goal. That means not providing links to other pages or resources. Cross-linking is a good thing, but not on landing pages. The one exception: An embedded video that’s click-to-play.

Online Marketing: What Is a Landing Page?Your Business Needs Landing Pages to Succeed Online

Each one of your products and services should have its own conversion-focused landing page. If your offerings are used by radically different buyers – for example, in unrelated industries – then you’ll ideally have a customized landing page for each buyer persona, too. As your library of offerings grows, so will your landing pages.

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