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Content Marketing Strategy

Genesis Systems Group Uses Content to Fulfill Business Growth Objectives

Amplify executes a content marketing strategy to help Genesis source more leads, specifically for robotic welding integration services.

Genesis Systems Group is a leading robot integrator with a core competency in robotic welding. As part of an integrated marketing initiative, they wanted to ramp up digital lead generation for their robotic welding integration services. Their digital presence was already producing a steady stream of leads, but, proportionally, they wanted more of their leads to be for robotic welding, which is not only a core competency but also one of their most profitable services.


They had few existing digital assets focused on robotic welding, as they had just received a full website redesign, but the assets they did have weren’t focused on the right keywords. The term ‘robotic welding’ was hyper-competitive and dominated by large, international companies with high search engine optimization (SEO) authority. In addition to the obstacles for ranking, our client needed top to bottom funnel assets to achieve the push for lead generation they were looking for. This was a big initiative, requiring in-depth content to compete with thought leaders in the industry, digital assets to widen the conversion funnel, and strategic SEO to drive organic traffic and industry visibility.


Working together with our client, we consulted buyer personas to inform the direction of the initiative. These were fictional representations of ideal buyers of robotic welding integration services, outlining a buyer’s needs and motivations, to most effectively target this audience. The review of buyer personas led directly to the development of a new robotic welding web page dedicated to our client’s services, benefits and experience. This page, upon completion of this initiative, linked to all other assets created.

An extensive section of robotic welding case studies was developed – partially because this aligned with another broader content initiative – to serve as middle and bottom of the funnel assets. This involved close collaboration between us and our client to communicate exactly the bottom line benefits delivered, creating a compelling story of how they transformed operations for various manufacturers. The aim of these case studies was to excite website visitors about the potential benefits of working with our client – but they were also strategically linked internally to deliver maximum SEO relevance and authority to the robotic welding web page.

A robotic welding ebook topic was created to serve as gated content, another middle and bottom funnel asset, to help manufacturers decide if investing in robotic welding for the first time is right for their business. The topic naturally pinpointed potential customers at one of the last stages of their path to purchase, focusing on capturing high quality leads who were ready to invest.

Top of funnel assets including social media, blog posts, videos and a blog series on robotic welding ROI were created to widen the conversion funnel and push more traffic towards the other assets that were created. This content, particularly the blogs and videos, boosted SEO authority even further by staying laser-focused on the targeted keywords.


Our client received digital assets spanning the entire marketing funnel, saw steadily climbing SEO rankings and organic traffic, and began generating robotic welding leads. This content marketing initiative was successful in helping our client reach their business goal of generating more robotic welding leads compared to their other services.

All content produced was keyword-rich, focused around the same core set of pre-determined keywords, and strategically linked to transfer SEO authority, resulting in significantly improved search engine rankings and organic traffic. Middle and bottom funnel content demonstrated their subject matter expertise, establishing thought leadership, while exciting potential customers about their services and motivating them to take the next steps towards investing in their integration services.

We continue to work with Genesis on an ongoing integrated marketing campaign, creating content where necessary and constantly striving to reach their business goals.

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