10 Ways B2B Websites Can Boost Conversion Rates

conversion rate b2b websiteConversion rates are the real measure of the value you can get from your Web traffic.

Conversion rate measures the ratio of those who take a desired action – such as signing up for an e-list or making a purchase – versus all of those who visit your website. High conversion rates mean you can achieve better revenue than a competitor with much more traffic.

Let’s look at some ways B2B websites can improve conversion rates:

Develop Better Offers

Conversion rates hinge on an effective offer. Instead of testing new images or headlines, start with a handful of offers and find out which ones truly resonate with your audience.

Use Retargeting

Retargeting helps you narrow down your audience to those who have visited your site and taken other actions. This gives you the chance to attract them back for a second chance at conversion.

Improve Credibility

Newcomers to your site need to know, quickly, that they can trust you. Customer testimonials, awards, and certifications make them far more likely to engage with your brand.

Get Personal

Personalized content raises conversion rates – when it is done right. For B2B, dynamic content should focus on professional attributes such as the visitor’s industry.

Clarify Your CTA

No matter how clear the next step is, most people will not take action unless there is a strong CTA. CTAs should be short, clear, and visually distinctive so they are impossible to overlook.

Tailor Your Lander

For a landing page to be effective, there needs to be an immediate connection between the ad or link the prospect clicks and the page they reach. The headline should match the ad copy.

Make Text Scannable

Since the advent of the Web, it’s been true: People don’t read, they scan. In particular, mobile users want to get to the heart of content fast. Break it down into chunks with headers and lists.

Get Secure

In the era of ransomware, more and more people are alert to security issues. Using SSL is crucial to attracting high-value B2B buyers. It also functions as a search ranking signal.

conversion rate b2b websiteReduce Load Times

It only takes about one full second for users to be troubled by a site delay. Especially in the case of B2B, buyers see your site as a preview of the quality you offer.

Use Analytics

The best way to understand which aspects of your site are working – and which aren’t – is to use analytics. Analytics can tell you how users reach your site and what they do while there.

B2B isn’t as flashy as B2C, but there are still many tried-and-true techniques for better conversion rates. Implement these and you could see a near-immediate boost in business results.