AIMG | Accurate Imaging Takes E-Z-EM in Amazing New Directions for Trade Show at RSNA Event in Chicago

For the second year in a row, E-Z-EM’s marketing department partnered with AIMG | Accurate Imaging for trade show support for their most important event of the year – the Radiology Society of North America’s 92nd Assembly and Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

E-Z-EM needed a way to represent their corporate brand while attracting and engaging potential customers at the same time for each of their principal product lines. It was critical for them to be able to simultaneously support all their product managers within a single area unified by their corporate identity.

With the objective to attract and engage a diverse audience, AIMG was commissioned to design the promotional video presentations and user-driven, interactive Kiosk presentations for their high-tech trade show display. Additionally AIMG provided support for the graphics utilized in the booth design.

The project for E-Z-EM required four unique user-driven, interactive Flash™ presentations that would run on four different Kiosks, representing the different product lines and offering a way for each of the product managers to keep booth visitors busy until they were free to talk with them. To attract potential customers to the booth, two video presentations were developed by AIMG to be projected on three 60" Plasma screens suspended from the ceiling above the booth. Another feature of the booth was live presenters. AIMG created four unique timed video presentations to support each of the professional speakers introducing a different product line.

AIMG worked closely with E-Z-EM’s marketing department to ensure they fulfilled their trade show objectives for their most important trade show event of the year. By taking them in amazing new directions for their trade show booth display, AIMG enabled E-Z-EM to attract and engage prospective clients with interactivity and high-impact presentations.

EZEM’s marketing department shared with AIMG the feedback they received from corporate about the show: "This was the first time our [ trade show ] booth had a consistent, global look throughout. Special thanks for such an amazing concept that we could easily translate into booth graphics, signage and multimedia. You took us in amazing new directions. As always you delivered with quality and excellence."

About E-Z-EM

E-Z-EM is a recognized leader in manufacturing products used for imaging the gastrointestinal tract. Today, the business encompasses CT imaging, Virtual Colonoscopy, Speech Pathology, Gastro devices and accessories, and Healthcare Decontaminants. E-Z-EM, Inc. is a publicly held corporation whose shares are traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol EZEM. Visit for more information.