AIMG Custom Lead Tracking Application Development for ProConnections

AIMG recently completed development of a custom lead tracking application for ProConnections, an engineering group specializing in the design of turn-key and custom video conferencing and HD recording equipment and software solutions. The lead tracking application empowers the client to effectively manage, track, and report on its lead and sales force activity and success.

“Managing and tracking leads while you’re trying to run your business,” said Craig Bickford, Senior Project Manager for AIMG, “can seem like an impossible task when there is just so much else to do. The Lead Tracking application AIMG built for ProConnections is designed to simplify things by organizing tasks and aggregating quantifiable data. The reports the system can generate provide valuable information that can be used for making decisions about sales processes and personnel.”

The basic concept of the application provides the client with a data base driven tool that allows them to quantify sales efforts and perform such functions as:

  • Manage Users
  • Add and Assign Leads to Sales Personnel
  • Allow Sales Personnel to Add and Manage Leads
  • Ensure Proper Management and Tracking of All Leads and Prospects
  • Report on Leads and Prospects
  • Report on Sales Force Activity and Success

To provide users with a single, secure access point, the lead tracking application is designed to be linked to the client’s main corporate website, which is currently being developed by AIMG. The application allows the clients’ site administrators to manage user access by assigning User Types. Each type corresponds to a level of access permission. A Superuser, for example, has access to all content, user accounts, functions and features of the application. A Rep, on the other hand, can only manage and access specified content.

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