AIMG Designs and Optimizes New Website for Existing HVAC Client

Donnelly Mechanical, the premiere HVAC and Energy contractor in the NYC area, needed a new website to continue their online growth. As a client of AIMG, they had received a responsive website in a previous project, but over time, given the constantly changing Google algorithm and best practices for keeping up with it, they found themselves once again in need of a new site.

Donnelly was pleased with the design of their previous site, but were aware that their growth potential was limited by the technical and functional features of the site. They tasked AIMG with searching for growth opportunities as well as prioritizing what was most important to update or change altogether.

AIMG determined one of the major obstacles to be the separation of the website and the blog. Donnelly Mechanical had a robust blog with compelling content, but weren’t getting the rankings they should have from it. Typically, a blog of this caliber is a huge boost to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, not only to rank the individual blog pages, but to rank individual web pages as well. However, the technical aspects of the blog were in the way. AIMG integrated the blog with the corporate website so that both would see the boosted search engine rankings they should.

AIMG, at the request of Donnelly Mechanical, then moved the entire website and blog to WordPress content management system (CMS) so that the in-house team at Donnelly could more easily make edits to the site.

In addition to this, AIMG switched the site from HTTP to HTTPS web protocol. The latter version is deemed a far safer option by Google and most browsers. HTTPS is encrypted, leaving valuable data less susceptible to being stolen or corrupted.

In the end, Donnelly received a site with new functionality that was updated to comply with standard best practices in SEO and web development.

You can view Donnelly Mechanical’s website here:

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