AIMG Develops Customer Engagement Tools for Steel Supplier Website

AIMG recently developed and implemented customer engagement tools to help users select steel products on the website of leading steel supplier Benedict-Miller. The steel hardness converter and steel weight calculator tools provide users with valuable insight while working effectively to keep them engaged and interacting with the site.

“Once targeted site visitors arrive at the site, it is important to provide them with ways to interact and engage with the content on a more personal level,” said Joe DeMicco, CEO & Founder of AIMG. “Whether it’s filling out a questionnaire that generates a custom response, shopping online, or interacting with a tool designed to make the selection process easier, a personalized website experience encourages visitors to spend more time there and to dig deeper. Since developing and launching the Benedict-Miller website several years ago, we continue to make content updates and periodic customer engagement enhancements, such as a branded customer support and chat tool we integrated not too long ago, to ensure it continues to attract and convert prospective new clients.”

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