AIMG Launches Blog for NYC HVAC and Energy Company

NYC HVAC and Energy Contractor Donnelly Mechanical needed to boost the effectiveness of their online presence on an ongoing basis, specifically in regards to lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO). They called on AIMG to help them achieve these business goals.

AIMG knew that the only way to drive sustainable, compounding organic growth was through a highly engaging blog that was informative and helpful for Donnelly’s ideal customers. The first step in the process was to sit down with Donnelly Mechanical and clearly identify who they’re targeting, in what ways they want to grow their business, and what do their ideal customers need help with on a day-to-day basis.

After developing these customer profiles, or buyer personas, AIMG simultaneously started to develop the design aspect of the blog, completed through HubSpot, and began to draft appropriate content.

Once the pieces were ready, everything came together and launched. Donnelly’s blog quickly became a major driver of SEO, visitor engagement and ultimately lead generation. The blog was built to strategically bring visitors to certain pages, drive better rankings for particular keyword phrases that Donnelly had identified are important, and became an authoritative source for HVAC and energy information in the NYC area – boosting their brand exposure and driving engagement at an exponential level.

The blog became a central tenant of Donnelly Mechanical’s online presence and digital marketing efforts. AIMG continues to write blogs for Donnelly Mechanical with a focus on breaking into new markets and driving highly qualified leads to their sales team. The blog continues to be a major success for Donnelly Mechanical and is involved in marketing initiatives across the entire marketing funnel.

You can visit Donnelly Mechanical’s blog here:

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