AIMG Redesigns Website for Nonprofit Charitable Organization

For over 35 years, the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, Inc. (FIRST) has served as a nonprofit charitable organization striving to improve the lives of those affected by ichthyosis and fund research for cures. With decades of experience maintaining and expanding their organization, FIRST knew that they needed a redesigned website to maintain their reputation as the leader in charitable work for those affected with ichthyosis. AIMG recently launched a redesigned, fully responsive website that provides FIRST with a powerful tool to continue to offer information, education, and support to its global membership of individuals and families who are affected with ichthyosis.

FIRST aims to educate, inspire, and connect and the website that AIMG redesigned gives them a platform to do all three. Education is available not only for medical professionals but for the recently diagnosed and new parents as well. Getting the right information to the right audience in a clear fashion is important, and by coming to understand FIRST’s clientele, AIMG was able to develop an intuitive and simple browsing experience for all visitors. With research separated by different targeted buyer personas, AIMG is ensuring that those looking to be educated are being engaged by the right information on FIRST’s website.

In order to help FIRST meet their goal to inspire collective action, AIMG redesigned FIRST’s Meet Our Families page. By creating a place for those diagnosed with ichthyosis and related skin types to tell their stories, visitors are able to see that there is life beyond the diagnosis. These individuals are able to inspire those around them and to give hope to the newly diagnosed or to parents who may have had children recently diagnosed. AIMG’s redesigned Meet Our Families section allows for readers to easily delve into their stories and be inspired by seeing firsthand the lives that these families have lived.

Once visitors have been educated and inspired, it is important to FIRST that they then connect with FIRST and its community. By redesigning FIRST’s website to engage with its visitors, AIMG helped FIRST in achieving this goal. Information about upcoming FIRST events is provided by the client with an easy site administration tool that allows them to quickly and efficiently update their website to keep their visitors informed. Sponsor, volunteer, and donation opportunities are easily accessible through the navigation in all appropriate facets of the website to ensure that those who wish to become a member of FIRST’s community regardless of where they’re engaged. AIMG’s newly redesigned website for FIRST educates, inspires and engages with website visitors to promote global ichthyosis causes as well as grow FIRST as the global ichthyosis authority.

Visit firstskinfoundation.orgto view the new responsive website designed by AIMG for the Foundation of Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types.