Amplify Develops Robot Workcell Selector Tool for Robot Integrator

Genesis Systems, an IPG Photonics Company, is a recognized leader in robotic integration all around the world. With a specialty in robotic welding, and a suite of pre-engineered robotic welding workcells, they recently contacted Amplify to find a better way to present their industrial products.

“Genesis is a very forward-thinking organization,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of Amplify. “They knew the way in which their pre-engineered workcells are presented online would directly impact the sales of these workcells. With a large number of workcells and highly technical, application specific parameters separating one from the other, finding a logical way to help buyers find the right workcell was a challenge. It required a complete rethinking of how potential customers interact with Genesis online.”

Amplify got started by meeting with key personnel at Genesis and understanding more deeply how and engineer or buyer would go about searching for a workcell, and then identifying each of the most distinguishing characteristics of the pre-engineered workcells. A programmable method of displaying pre-engineered workcells was developed, allowing users to filter workcells by their application’s unique parameters. A contact form was conveniently placed underneath the tool to allow for quick and easy communication once a workcell is selected.

“The pre-engineered workcell selector tool has been a major success,” said DeMicco. “It drastically reduces the time it takes to find the right workcell when you have a set of application parameters. It’s intuitive and easy to use. It better highlights the benefits of each workcell and facilitates better communication between potential buyers and Genesis sales professionals.”

The Genesis robot workcell selector tool has facilitated greater lead generation for pre-engineered integration projects since it’s initial launch.

You can view the workcell selector tool here:

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