Knowledge is Power: Accurate Imaging’s Web Tracking & Reporting Service Integrates HitBox for Leading Manufacturer E-Z-EM

After a major web development project by Accurate Imaging that resulted in a completely enhanced website design, E-Z-EM was ready for the next phase of their internet marketing strategy. Accurate integrated the newly designed website with HitBox website tracking and reporting tool. Now E-Z-EM has the ability to monitor and manage customer behavior on their website and in relation to all collateral internet marketing initiatives. This insightful knowledge gives E-Z-EM the power to present products effectively and to take advantage of growing market interest.

Accurate Imaging is the E-Z-EM hosting service provider and has incorporated HitBox website tracking and reporting tool.

About EZEM

E-Z-EM is a recognized leader in manufacturing products used for imaging the gastrointestinal tract. Today, the business encompasses CT imaging, Virtual Colonoscopy, Speech Pathology, Gastro devices and accessories, and Healthcare Decontaminants. E-Z-EM, Inc. is a publicly held corporation whose shares are traded on The NASDAQ National Market under the symbol EZEM. Visit for more information.