Strategic Marketing & Winning Ad Creative by AIMG | Accurate Imaging Positions Phase 1 Technology for Successful Launch of New Metrology Systems

Leading machine vision solutions provider Phase 1 Technology has expanded its product line to include integrated high powered microscope systems for component inspection and measurement applications. AIMG | Accurate Imaging, Phase 1 Technology's strategic marketing consultants, worked with President Rusty Ponce de Leon and his east coast sales team, where the product will initially launch, to develop marketing materials and a plan.

AIMG's CEO and Senior Consultant Joseph DeMicco and Senior Copywriter Patricia Sonego went onsite to work closely with Phase 1 to prepare for this very critical launch. After an intensive fact-finding process, both short-term and long-term plans were developed. In addition to developing a name for the entire line of Phase 1's metrology microscope systems, AIMG created support materials for Phase 1's itinerant sales force, product pages for the website, product call-out buttons for the website, digital images for print and web use, an email marketing campaign, trade show display design and audio visuals, 4-color process product sell sheets, a designated 800 line for tracking and reporting, and a sophisticated lead tracking application that aggregates and reports on all aspects and stages of Phase 1's selling process.

AIMG | Accurate Imaging worked closely with Phase 1 Technology to plan for all aspects of their new product line, including clearly defining target audiences, the creation of effective collateral marketing materials, a calendar of marketing initiatives, tracking and reporting systems in place, and even the preparation of an executive binder to provide goals and progress reports at-a-glance.

AIMG continues to work with Phase 1 Technology as the product launches nationwide and worldwide.


About Phase 1 Technology


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