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Website + Application Development

United Pipe & Steel Website Redesign Supports Executive Sales Initiatives

Amplify’s web development for a master distributor defines their brand and lays the foundation for a successful integrated marketing initiative

United Pipe & Steel (UP&S) recently approached us with a need for a complete website overhaul. As a leading wholesale distributor of pipe and steel products in North America, they needed their website to bring in more new business and more accurately reflect their forward-thinking approach to distribution. Their previous web presence did not effectively communicate their core values or services, and, consequently, it did not convert the quality of leads they desired. UP&S had determined that a new website would be a worthy investment to increase sales volumes.


The website redesign and development marked the launching point of a future integrated marketing campaign. The redesign would be the beginning of a new brand for our client, as well as a new way to sell their services. The web development project had to respect tight deadlines, and budgets, while balancing the need for a new creative direction and a solid foundation for ongoing marketing efforts. The website redesign was the culmination of several executive priorities – an integrated marketing launch and a push to boost sales in strategic areas, among other objectives – all of which needed to be accounted for and successfully addressed in the web development project.


Since the project was a complete restart for their digital presence, we collaborated our client closely throughout the entire process. Working with executive, marketing and sales teams, buyer personas were developed. These were mock representations of  ideal buyers, outlining their motivations for purchasing and establishing a guide for appealing to them through marketing channels.

A comprehensive wireframe was created, outlining the pages that would be live for the website launch, and also pages that would be added at a future date. This website map served as a schedule for web development and was created in accordance with our client’s desired launch date and budget.

Meanwhile, a conversion-centric design was developed based on the navigation structure determined in the wireframe. The new design showcased all pipe and tube products, improved the aesthetics of all web pages, and created a more engaging overall web presence. Call-to-actions (CTAs) and form fields were strategically placed throughout the website to complement the design and facilitate higher lead generation rates.

Stemming from buyer persona meetings, and in accordance with the wireframe and design, persuasive copy was developed across the new site. This content more effectively communicated the value of our client’s services and spoke directly to the needs of potential buyers. In the end, the website had a unified message that would serve as the emergence of a new brand and new selling point online.


Our client received a revamped digital presence, on-time and on-budget, that successfully communicated their brand and their value to drive lead generation online. The new website laid the groundwork for a future full-service integrated marketing campaign.

The redesigned web presence highlighted their unique logistical capabilities as a master distributor of pipe and steel. These capabilities provide great value to customers and is the major selling point in-person. Now, their online presence showcased this selling point consistently. This did more than position their company in the distribution space – it helped drive better quality leads, as most potential customers were now properly informed of their true value and services.

Since the website redesign was completed, we continue to work with UP&S on strategic integrated marketing initiatives.

I’m very happy United Pipe & Steel Corp. chose Joe and his team at AIMG to help us re-launch our online presence. Their research and level of understanding about our company, our industry and competitive landscape was impressive. After some productive discussions, they submitted an excellent web design that really captured the essence of how we wanted our brand to be seen by customers, and the world. We had some revisions and requests that AIMG interpreted and then implemented with excellent results. This has been a great business relationship and an educational one as well. Their strategy and insights were hugely beneficial to us, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

- Scott Thompson , Marketing & Business Analyst,

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